Doctors Not Advising Patients of Abnormal Test Results

A recent study in the June 22 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine has shown that patients who visit their primary care physician for routine screening and/or blood tests are most often not notified of the results, good or bad. Surprisingly, this study noted that it was “relatively common”, for medical staff to fail to follow up with their patients and to inform them of their test results. Lead author of the study, Dr. Lawrence P. Casalino, who is also… Continue reading

Health Secrets of Drinking Red Wine

Holistic Doctors and other health professionals have been touting drinking red wine in moderation for optimal health for many years. Recently, however, scientists have uncovered the secret behind the health benefits of red wine. Their research has pinpointed a polyphenol called Resveratrol, which is a compound that is found in grapevines that are used for red wines, grape seed pills and grape seed extracts. Resveratrol is natural antioxidant that works to fight off cell damage in the body that is… Continue reading

Laughing Your Way To Health

People who laugh more are happier, healthier people. In 1977, Joel Goodman founded The Humor Project, an organization that is focused on the positive power of humor. Since then, The Humor Project has helped over 500,000 businesspeople bring laughter and humor into their business lives. Goodman says, “Humor fit right into my work. Organizations run better, and people solve problems more creatively when they don’t take things too seriously. When you look for humor, you find it. You enjoy life… Continue reading

The Importance of Being Pesticide Free

In order to live a completely holistic lifestyle, one must purge themselves from any and all toxins that currently exist in their lives. When considering this fact, most people automatically assume that they should rid themselves of negative thought forms. While, negative thought forms are truly a form of a toxin, there is another toxin that most people never think about: Pesticides. A truly holistic approach to health encourages a person’s body to naturally heal itself. Such an ability can… Continue reading

10 Best Kept Secrets of Allergies

These days it seems that allergies of all kinds are becoming more and more common in America. However, here are 10 facts that you should know about allergies: 1. Black Eye Syndrome. As odd as it sounds, some allergies have the potential of giving you a shiner. This happens during a bout of hay fever when pressure from nasal congestion can be so intense that it can cause the blood vessels in the face to become constricted. This prevents the… Continue reading

How To Be Sun Smart

Summer is officially here and that means long, hot summer days out in the warm sunshine. But that sunshine can come at a hefty price – sun burns and skin cancer. In America there is a rising epidemic of skin cancer. With this comes the need to increase our sun protection strategies. In order to protect your skin this summer, there are a few things you should know about the sun’s rays and its effects on our skin. Everyone is… Continue reading

How To Live An Holistic Lifestyle

Most people shy away from any mention of a holistic lifestyle, simply because they are unsure what exactly it means. Living holistically, means that a person is living their life in a way that is both natural to them and the world in which they live. People who live holistically often eat organic foods, keep their mind and body active, and practice forms of stress relief such as yoga. Everyone understands that their body, mind and soul are interconnected. What… Continue reading

The Top 5 ‘Germiest’ Places in the World

Recently, one of the largest online travel communities, revealed the top 5 ‘germiest’ attractions throughout the world today, according to their editors and other world travelers. initiated a poll on their website where out of more than 4,600 travelers who took part in the poll, 34 percent of them actually stated that they had become more aware of germs and washed and disinfected their hands more frequently whilst traveling abroad since the outbreak of the swine flu. Furthermore,… Continue reading

Stress Eating During the Recession

Everyone in America today feels the stress of the current economic downturn. News about the recession is all over the television, newspapers and even amongst the office workers standing around the water cooler at work. Everyone is talking about it! There is no doubt about it; these are very stressful times for everyone. However, each person responds differently to stress. Most people, women especially, turn to their favorite food to comfort them. Most of these foods are associated with a… Continue reading

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