Watching Television Can Enforce Bad Snacking Habits

In the last few years, a variety of studies have been conducted on both children and adults to prove that too much television watching can lead to bad eating habits. However, a recent study in the Health Psychology journal has gone one step further: Automatic snacking behavior may be triggered by television advertisements of junk foods, which could potentially lead to weight gain and obesity amongst both children and adults. A course of experiments were conducted at Yale University and… Continue reading

The Benefits of Sound Therapy

There a many different sounds that we hear every minute of every day. Some sounds instantly cause us to become worried and stressed out – such as the sound of a fire engine passing by. Other sounds are created specifically to help us maintain a state of calmness. Sound therapy has been around for centuries even though it has been touted as a ‘New Age Phenomenon’. The world’s greatest musicians all know the power that music and sound have in… Continue reading

Is Your Fitness Regime Eco-Friendly?

Or are you helping in slowly killing the planet in your endeavors to keep yourself fit? Although this may sound like a contradiction in terms, it is true. For most people their daily routine of exercising at the gym contains five factors that all play a vital role in killing our environment, most of which we do not even realize! 1. The Drive to Your Gym Driving to your gym’s location attributes the most to killing the environment, specifically global… Continue reading

Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure in 7 Easy Ways

In this day and age, doctors have us convinced that there is a pill for every type of ailment and condition. However, there are other, more natural ways to cure any ailment or disease without having to take chemical filled pills. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can also easily be lowered by using very natural means. Sometimes referred to as the silent killer, high blood pressure can sneak up on you without there being any obvious symptoms. However silent it… Continue reading

The Benefits of High Dose Multi-Vitamins

Everyone who is concerned about their health knows that they need to supplement their diets with a high quality multi-vitamin. In fact, researchers at the National Institute of Health conducted a study where they examined the end segments on DNA strands. Referred to as telomeres, these segments actually shorten a bit every time a cell divides itself. The researchers believe that the length of a telomere may be an indicator for aging, especially considering the fact that short telomeres have… Continue reading

Is Wal-Mart Going Green?

It appears that quite soon, not only will shoppers at Wal-Mart be looking for a bargain but they will also be able to find out more information about the carbon foot print of the item that they are considering buying, or how much air pollution it caused, or how many gallons of water was used to create the product. In a nutshell, it appears that Wal-Mart is going green. Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world today, and as… Continue reading

National Hot Dog Day – 23 July 2009

Hot dog connoisseurs across America will be celebrating National Hot Dog Day on the 23rd of July 2009. The basis for every patriotic barbeque and pool party, hot dogs, have been around for many years. Although today, they are the staple diet at almost every State Fair and baseball game, hot dogs have earned their place in history as one of the oldest forms of processed foods. Hot dog type sausages were first mentioned in 9th Century BC in Homer’s… Continue reading

The Longest Solar Eclipse

In the Indian village of Surat in Gujarat, sunrise will mark the start of a total solar eclipse that is expected to last for a long time, at least as far as solar eclipses go: 6 minutes and 44 seconds. The next solar eclipse is not scheduled to happen until the year 2132. In actuality, the moon’s umbra, which is the cone shaped part of its shadow, will descend upon the Gulf of Khambhat in India. Then the moon’s shadow… Continue reading

Green Transportation

Throughout the USA transportation is accountable for nearly a third of the average citizen’s impact on global warming. The good news is that Americans have more control over their transportation than they do on anything else that impacts global warming. Carbon dioxide is produced by burning fuel and is actually one of the main greenhouse gases that have become single handily responsible for global warming. Every type of major transportation, such as a car, a plane or a bus, requires… Continue reading

9 Tips on Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Everyone is feeling the need to curb spending this summer, but most people do not often think about how keeping their home cool can affect their savings. There are quite a few ways to keep your home cool this summer whilst helping keep your money in your wallet. 1. Open The Windows As soon as the air outside becomes cooler that the air inside your home, immediately open the windows. A gentle breeze blowing your house is the perfect accompaniment… Continue reading

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