Toxic Skin Reaction Form Indoor Ozone

It has recently been discovered that oil that is naturally found on a person’s skin, has the ability to ensnare substantial amounts of indoor ozone, which it then is able to emit it in the form of chemicals that can cause a skin and lung irritation. An assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Texas A&M; Health Science Center’s Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy in Kingsville, Rajat Sethi, explains: “They are saying that compounds on the skin react to the… Continue reading

How To Identify Organic Foods

These days everyone wants to eat healthier and most people do that by eating organic fruits, vegetables and meats that they purchase from their local supermarket. This is all quite fine, but, how do you know whether or not the produce you pick is really organic? Can you really trust what the shopkeeper is advertising? It is very difficult to ascertain whether those lovely apples or those delicious oranges that are stocked high on the shelves in your grocer’s produce… Continue reading

Are Cell Phones A Cause of Brain Cancer?

On Tuesday, 26 August 2009, a detailed report written by a collaboration of international electromagnetic radiation (EMR) watchdogs, such as the EMR Policy Institute and Powerwatch, was given to various government officials as well as the media. Their report pointed out various design flaws that they discovered during a telecom-funded Interphone study. The report was entitled: “Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone.”Since its public release on Tuesday, many people, obviously cellphone… Continue reading

More Breast Cancer Survivors Now Than In Recent Years

A recent study has shown that there were 610,171 breast cancer survivors in 2005 in the United States of America. This same study has forecasted that the survivor number will increase up to 1 million women by the year 2016! Current breast cancer cases are made up of 20% of newly diagnosed breast cancers, which is the early stage. This is the time when the cancer is limited to cells that are found in the ducts or lobules of a… Continue reading

Medical Astrology

There are many different facets to holistic and natural health. One of the oldest is the belief that your astrological sign can help you determine which foods to eat and which body parts or organs to keep a watchful eye over. Capricorn People who are born under this sign should focus their attention on their knees more than any other body part. Capricorns are more susceptible to arthritis and stress, so you relax by watching a movie with popcorn for… Continue reading

Cheerios Cereal – An ‘Unapproved Drug’

Television commercials for the General Mills cereal, ‘Cheerios’, abound. Besides being on television the cereal is also advertised in most major magazines and newspapers as well. The cereal is touted as being a good helper in lowering a person’s cholesterol, with claims written on the box of cereal itself stating: “diets rich in whole grain foods can reduce the risk of heart disease.” These statements can also be found on the website of General Mills. However, once again the government… Continue reading

Internet Suicides

Almost every person in almost every part of the world today has access to the world wide web. People use it to learn, to do research, to email, and to communicate with the rest of the world – not just their own friends and family members but complete and utter strangers. Sadly, the internet has lead to another increase in communication tactics – suicide pacts. People from a variety of backgrounds, ages and professions, all log in to websites with… Continue reading

Do You Have Drug Money In Your Wallet?

A currency bill has a lifetime of approximately 20 months. During these months in circulation, the bill is fed into ATM machines, Vending Machines, folded into wallets and, of course exchanged for a variety of goods and services throughout the USA. Needless to say, each time a US bill changes hands it carries with it a myriad of dirt, germs, food and drug residue. Yes, you read that correctly: drugs! Professor of Chemistry and BioChemistry at the University of Massachusetts,… Continue reading

Snapple Again Being Sued For Not Being ‘All Natural’

In 2007, Stacy Holk, filed a law suit in the New Jersey state court against Snapple manufacturer Cadbury Schweppes. Mz Holk’s case stated that the company willingly defrauded its consumers by stating that Snapple was ‘all natural’, even though there was an artificial sweetener amongst the list of ingredients. Eventually the case evolved into a class action law suit and was brought to the federal court later in 2007. However, in May 2008, Snapple fell under the new manufacturing name… Continue reading

Do You Know Your Chakras?

Not many people realize the importance of understanding their Chakras. It is said that chakras are the windows to a person’s soul. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or circle. Each person has seven chakras and each of these are supposed to continuously spin which helps to keep a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual body in alignment. When someone becomes ill you can bet that one or more of their chakras are out of alignment. The Root and… Continue reading

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