New CDC Report: Americans Are Still Not Eating Healthy Foods

Yesterday, a report was released by the United States government stating that the majority of Americans today do not eat the correct amounts of fruits and vegetables that are recommended to eat in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The report also found that not one single US State accomplished the national objectives concerning the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Healthy People 2010 The Healthy People 2010 is a concept that promotes healthier eating and lifestyle choices for Americans. The… Continue reading

How Effective is Anti-Bacterial Soap Really?

The fall and winter months that bring sicknesses such as flu, stomach viruses, strep throat and other germ related illnesses often also bring an outbreak in the purchases of antibacterial soap. Most consumers feel safer washing their hands with a product that is labeled as being antibacterial. Our society has created the belief that ordinary soap is not as sufficient for getting rid of germs as those that are described as having antibacterial ingredients. However, many have questioned and preformed… Continue reading

The Legalities and Benefits of Drinking Raw Milk

It is interesting to think that the milk that we purchase from the grocery store is very far away from what people were used to drinking before World War II. In 1862, a French Microbiologist named Louis Pasteur, perfected a technique that made raw milk safe to drink. This technique was quickly adopted by many other societies around the world and came to be known as pasteurization. The technique sends milk through a process that makes microbial growth much smaller.… Continue reading

Patrick Swayze and Pancreatic Cancer Prevention

Earlier this month, one of the world’s most beloved actors, Patrick Swayze, passed away as a result of pancreatic cancer. He had been diagnosed nearly two years earlier. Although he will be missed by many fans, doctors have recently discovered a new drug that could have prevented Patrick Swayze’s death! This new drug is said to be able to prevent a protein called TAK-1 from working properly. TAK-1 causes cancer cells in the pancreas to become resistant to chemotherapy. This… Continue reading

Natural Remedies To Help With Hair Loss

Many men and women throughout the world suffer from hair loss due to a variety of reasons. The hair loss can be due to side effects from other types of medications, or it can be caused from stress, or it could even be a medical condition that is the reason behind the hair loss. No matter what the cause is, it can be very helpful to know some natural remedies to help in the battle of losing your precious hair.… Continue reading

How To Beat The Freshman 15

The beginning of September marked the start of a new school year, which found many teenagers and young adults starting college. Going off to college is one of the most exciting times in any young person’s life. As they move into their dorm room they are presented with a new found independence and responsibility. However, that does not simply apply to a college student’s academic career. This new found independence can bring about opportunities for unlimited junk food as well… Continue reading

All-Natural Fatigue Busters

In today’s hectic lifestyle many people are plagued with chronic fatigue. And it’s really no wonder! What with all the business meetings, school and work projects, family get-togethers, rushing to get from one place and activity to the next in rush hour traffic can cause fatigue to creep up on us very quickly. Before we know it, we are tired, grumpy and in dire need of a good night’s sleep. When you are thinking about moving forward with your life,… Continue reading

The Beauty of Henna Tattoos

When you are interested in decorating your body with the beautiful art form of tattooing yet prefer something temporary, you should consider the beauty of henna tattoos. A Brief History of Henna Tattoos The henna plant is a small flowering tree or shrub. Originally, it grows in northern Africa, Asia and Australia. Henna ink is made of powdered henna leaves. Henna ink for henna tattoos is the use of the henna plant to make an ink paste. Henna or Mehndi,… Continue reading

Health Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been touted as a great alternative health remedy for almost any ailment; but did you know that you self-hypnosis works just as well? Generally speaking, hypnosis is merely a state of mind in which an extreme concentration of attention exists that helps to open up a person’s mind to specific suggestions and thought forms. During a hypnotic state of mind, suggestions can be given to a person that pertains to a specifically desired outcome. Once the suggestion is… Continue reading

An Anti-Cancer Compound Has Been Discovered In The American May Apple

Who would have thought that a common weed might hold the key to fighting cancer? Known as the American May Apple the future of cancer fighting might finally be secure through this wild growing perennial plant. What is the American May Apple? Officially named the Podophyllum peltatum, this plant is known by a variety of nicknames including the umbrella plant, hog apple and devil’s apple. The May Apple can be found throughout the entire eastern part of the United States… Continue reading

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