5 Ways That Technology Is Ruining Our Food

These days everyone is trying to eat right by eating presumably healthier foods. In an attempt to get the most nutrients out of our food, we have allowed technology to dictate how we should be preparing and saving our food. But is the way in which our food is prepared really that much healthier for us? 1. Irradiation This technology has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, when scientists were awarded a patent to use radiation to… Continue reading

Creating An Herbal Medicine Chest

With the increasing amount of recalls on pharmaceutical medicinals, it is a great idea to create your own herbal medicine chest at home. Choosing The Right Herbs When building your own herbal medicine chest it is vitally important to choose your herbs wisely. It is also important to know where your herbs are coming from, so it is best to grow them yourself. If you are planning on ingesting a particular herb you do not want to be concerned about… Continue reading

Do You Know What’s In Your Flu Vaccine?

As the flu season approaches many people are preparing by having a flu shot administered. But does the flu vaccine really protect you from the flu? How about the H1N1, or Swine Flu? And what is actually in the flu vaccine? The Mexican Study Well, studies conducted in Mexico and published in the British Medical Journal found that, for the most part, that the vaccine that was prepared for the 2009 flu season may actually protect people from the H1N1… Continue reading

Norway Best Country In The World!

Norway has been deemed to be the best place in the world to live whilst Niger is the worst, according a United Nations report. The annual report, entitled Human Development Index, ranks 182 countries according to three major factors that influenced the quality of life that their citizens experience. Quality of Life The three factors that were used to help the UN properly rank each country was Standard of Living, Health, and Knowledge. The Standard of Living was determined by… Continue reading

Life Expectancy Rate Increases

Researchers have determined that more than half of all babies that are born in the world’s most affluent countries since the year 2000 will likely live to be at least 100 years old. In addition to living to such a ripe old age, these future centenarians will also experience fewer disabilities than other elderly people have experienced in previous generations. These conclusions have been determined based on evidence that the life expectancy rate in wealthy nations since 1840 shows no… Continue reading

Ten Great Tips On Detoxifying Your Body

Detoxification, or detox for short, is a process by which toxins are removed from the body in order to purify it. These toxins are stored in our body fat where they wreak havoc on our liver, causing it to malfunction. This malfunctioning in turn causes the rest of our internal organs to stop metabolizing fat effectively. Our bodies and metabolism are designed to eliminate these toxins naturally via our skin, lungs and kidneys. However, our bodies are unable to keep… Continue reading

Can’t Sleep?

Don’t fret, you are not alone! More than 40 million Americans suffer from insomnia and other types of sleep disorders. Doctors have conducted studies in which they found that people who suffered from insomnia usually also had hearts the beat faster, with higher temperatures, and an elevated cortisol level, which is commonly referred to as the stress hormone. These people have been termed as having a hyperarousal. And, while medical doctors still do not know how to properly treat the… Continue reading

Who Is Killing The Honey Bee?

Currently, a third of all honeybee colonies are slowly fading away. Their disappearance has been called ‘colony collapse disorder.’ This colony disorder has wiped out, not only the honeybees themselves, but also the livelihood of many beekeepers since it was identified in 2006. Many of these beekeepers believe that this is due to harmful pesticides and a lawsuit is underway against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by a nonprofit group called Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). It is believed that… Continue reading

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