Post-Thanksgiving Digestion – Acid Reflux Essentials

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays – I love the sentiment, and I love the food even more! Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls and butter… Not to forget my mom’s celebrated pecan pie. But last season I gobbled a bit too much gobble-gobble – and I suffered a huge case of acid reflux. If your Grandma’s famous stuffing has you feeling beyond famously stuffed – bloated, crampy, burpy and possibly even experiencing chest pains –… Continue reading

Congratulations, Scooter! You’ve Won Testimonial of the Month!

Every month we receive so many amazing letters here at NaturalWellbeing! We are thrilled that you take the time to share your exciting stories with us, about how our products have changed your life. Each month, your testimonials are entered into a random draw and a prize winner is hand-drawn. The winning testimonial is posted here, by me, and the writer receives via email an online Gift Certificate for use on NaturalWellbeing’s site! A big thank-you to this month’s winner,… Continue reading

Give Acne Bacteria The Boot – Naturally!

My mother and grandmother have beautiful skin. Glowing, smooth, and barely a hint of fine-lines. Sigh. Yeah, they’re those types. As the youngest female in our clan, one would think that I would have inherited such skintastic gorgeousness. I have been gifted, I think, with youthful good looks, but in the skin clarity department I’ve been blessed with less. I’ve been breaking out since I could drive. Like any teenage stage, I thought the pimples would become a memory like… Continue reading

Licorice: One Sweet Root!

Not everyone likes licorice, but the people who do REALLY like it. I am one of those people. My devotion got off to a bad start, really, when as a child in Switzerland my parents thought it a good idea to brush in between meals by chewing on the root. Even though it got herbally sweeter and sweeter with each chew – and not in a good way – the experience quickly went from bad to good like the salty-yet-sweet… Continue reading

Good Things Come In 90 Day Money Back Guarantees!

This just in: the powers that be at NaturalWellbeing have just introduced a new 90 day, money back, guarantee! I love a company that trusts its products so much, that they give you ample time to try what you buy. All the more reason for me to trust and love them, too! That, and maybe the free same day shipping for purchases $75.00 and up. I know, I know, patience is a virtue… Love, Sage

The Pros of Pro and Prebiotics

Probiotics have been making the news for the last few years. Their efficacy is so convincing that they are found as ingredients not only in yogurt, but baby food, pizza crust, toothpaste – and even skincare (I myself am enamored of at-home yogurt masks). In our house, I up our intake of probiotics as soon as cold and flu season hits, maintaining a healthy army of good bacteria to help fend off the bad. We all have an amount of… Continue reading

Hair Loss and Pregnancy – Luscious Locks After Baby

During my pregnancy I had the most fabulous, bouncy, 1970’s baby-sitter hair imaginable. It was so amazing, in fact, that I went out of my granola-way to wear it in multiple styles, keep it gorgeously groomed, and generally adore it – all while trying to maintain a very non-attached relationship with it. I had heard that it was common to experience hair loss post-baby – and truly, right before I brought the new kid home my dog Buster’s behavior made… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

I prophesize that this is going to be your most focused year, yet! How do I know? Because you’re coming into your own self-awareness (which is always a great thing), identifying your passionate strengths and your distracting weaknesses – the ultimate in total self-control. And what Scorpio doesn’t want to control EVERYTHING? Start by recognizing your need to over-do things – and I mean compulsively! You tend to be a little obsessive (good thing you have 8 arms/legs – AND… Continue reading

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