Feeling Depressed? Get Your D!

People who know me often describe me a being a sunny personality. I agree! I tend to look on the bright side of life, and consider myself to be an eternal optimist. But come the winter months, I find myself a little less sunshiny – and even a little down. I can be quite pooped out, achy, without energy, and moody – which is totally not normal for me! Thankfully, after a particularly slow, slightly SAD winter last year, I… Continue reading

As I sit with my warm mug of soy nog, I think of you, dear readers! Wishing you all a very merry, happy, peaceful holiday season. May you all be blessed with abundant health in the year to come! Much love, Sage

Immune Boosting Double Duty – Echinacea and Goldenseal

So I have boasted non-stop about how healthy I am, and how I hardly ever sniffles… And this week my visiting family (excepting my immediate loves et moi) was hit with a cold of the pre-schooler kind (the hardest)! Luckily, I’ve been boosting my family’s immunity with a duo of herbs, daily. I’ve been fortifying us all winter, and so far so good! Echinacea and Goldenseal are two amazingly immune boosting herbs. I wanted to write about them together, because… Continue reading

Get Gorgeously Festive! My Personal Fave Products For You

Yesterday I wrote about my yen for zenned-out skin. While I wholeheartedly believe that minimal stress = gorgeousness all around, I also am a firm-skinned believer that there are other important contributors! Getting gorgeous for the holidays does mean eating, drinking, and supplementing well. I have posted a few articles about battling winter dryness and eating our way to immortal beauty, but I think we can all also appreciate some great grooming tips! Yes, even an eco-glamour-puss like me likes… Continue reading

Get Lustrous – Bust Stress!

Every holiday season I find my skin incredibly reactive, sensitive, and just generally irritated. Much like many of the folks rushing around me, filled with holiday madness (pun intended)!Getting gorgeous for the holiday season can sometimes be as stressful as shopping for it, and it’s no surprise that stress is one of the leading causes of hormonal imbalances: which can result in a less than lustrous physical appearance. I love to feel and look lustrous. Who doesn’t? And so I… Continue reading

Cranberries – A Berry Way To Be Well

We all know that we are what we eat, and diet plays such an important part of our wellness. And that’s why I love, love, love the holiday season – the food is incredibly tasty, and so good for the body beautiful! Last month I shared with you my love of yams. SO yummy. This month, our ubiquitous holiday meal would be incomplete without my famous cranberry sauce – delish, delectable, and de-great for us! Cranberries are of the evergreen… Continue reading

Congratulations Dptdawg, You’ve Won Testimonial Of The Month!

Dear readers, I am often so busy telling you my stories, that when I sit down to read yours I become overwhelmed with joy. I am consistently amazed by how your lives have changed for the better! Each month, your testimonials are entered into a random draw and a prize winner is hand-drawn. The winning testimonial is posted here, by me, and the writer receives via email an online Gift Certificate for use on NaturalWellbeing’s site! A big thank-you to… Continue reading

Mulled Wine – The Festive Way To Enjoy Antioxidants

I love the holiday season. It can’t be coincidence that we celebrate nature through food and drink – many of our holiday favorites are loaded with potent, life-enhancing ingredients! One of my favorite holiday recipes to share, for exactly that reason, is Mulled Wine. With red wine, spices, honey and citrus, this is one punch that’s packing some serious anti-agers. The origin of Mulled Wine is a little mysterious, but seems to have ancient roots globally – from Russia to… Continue reading

Allergic To The Holidays?

Most of us can’t resist getting into the holiday spirit as fast as we can. Who can blame us? By the time we’ve wolfed down our second helping of Thanksgiving turkey, our local retailers have their holiday lights blazing and jingly-jingles blasting. I must admit that this year, the second I heard the first few bars of Charlie Brown’s Christmas (Nov. 30th, 10:49 am), I was hauling an organic tree through our front door. Couple that with a serious case… Continue reading

Oil of Oregano

By now you all know that I consider myself to exemplify perfect health: I am happy and healthy in mind, body and soul. Alright, alright, nobody’s perfect… I have my sometimes unhealthy moments (licorice addiction admitted). Still, I am devoted to transmuting my holiest of all healthy living tips to you, dear readers! Now that the cold and flu season is upon us, I feel it time to impress upon you one of the most important supplements to stock in… Continue reading

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