Headaches! How To Alleviate Them Naturally

Dear readers, please excuse my absence. I haven’t been as present this week as I normally have, and I am so, so sorry. I have been plagued with a gross headache, of the most grievous 2-day kind! I haven’t had headaches since I was a teen, when my hormones were totally out of control. I blame my headache on my horrible hormonal trouble – a left over effect from my 15 + day cleanse. But headaches, while often hormonally caused,… Continue reading

Alkaline Diet For Disease-Free Living!

You’ve read my inclination towards an alkaline based, raw foods diet. You’ve probably heard about the “alkaline diet” in the news, and perhaps – if you’re really, really trendy and on top of things – you even have an alkaline water filter in your home (you’ve forked out thousands for this, too, no doubt). Trends aside, there’s a reason why an alkaline diet is such a no-brainer when it comes to maintaining our health – and preventing ailments and early-onset… Continue reading

Cleansing: A Review

Dear Readers, Praise be, I have finished my cleanse! I am no longer Candida over-grown! Hurrah! That was the good news – and now for the not so good. Along with a “candida-busting” kit, I also kept strictly to an anti-candida diet. The kit I chose was loaded with yeast-killing ingredients, and lots of them – I think it worked. But I think it also wreaked havoc with my hormones, and this month I have had the worst PMS of… Continue reading

Interview With A Naturopath – Top 5 Health Choices, And A Smoothie!

Here you are folks, my very first VLOG! This week I interviewed Vancouver, BC based naturopath Dr. Heidi Rootes. She shared with me her Top 5 Healthy Choices for a healthy year, and showed us how to make a delicious protein breakfast smoothie. Thanks Heidi, for an awesomely informational time! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kot1HJEqHRI] I hope you enjoyed my first vlog! I’ll be posting more, so if you’d like me to answer your questions send them to me . If I answer online… Continue reading

Spiced Hot Chocolate – Fruit Of The Gods!

Newsflash: Consuming hot chocolate can be good for one’s health! Ok fine, it’s not new news that chocolate is a daily must for most. In fact, some may consider it an addiction – or at least an obsession – since its sweet,mildly caffeinated creamy goodness is really hard to resist. Some doctors claim that a little before PMS helps the sufferer remain composed. Of course I’ve loved chocolate forever, even before it hit health news as a potent antioxidant. And… Continue reading

Top Ten Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid – How To Read Cosmetic Labels!

I want to be beautiful, sexy, clean, fresh, gorgeous… just like all the rest of us! I am a self-professed product junkie, and my products have to not only be effective and deliver results, but look hot in my bathroom too. I am dedicated to making the very best out of what Mother Nature has given me, by taking great care of my body inside and out – with the most finely crafted and indulgent personal care created. What really… Continue reading

Neti Pot – Why Nasal Cleansing Is Essential

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9i6x6uGm2k] Have you ever suffered a cold or allergy, where no matter how much you steamed, sneezed and blew you just couldn’t get everything out? I know that feeling all too well, and while it’s been a while since I’ve been down with a cold, the last time brought me to my smelling senses. I learned about nasal cleansing, and it literally changed my life! I now rarely have stuffiness, post-nasal drop, or even sneeze reactions, ever. I first tried… Continue reading

Congratulations, Samantha! You’ve Won Testimonial Of The Month!

Dear readers, it’s a new year with new stories to tell. Something struck me in particular this cold and flu season, which was the intense media coverage of the dreaded swine flu! It seemed like everywhere we turned, unless we vaccinated and basically sequestered ourselves away, doom was imminent. I’ve recommended boosting our own immunity naturally (in addition to washing hands tons), with supplements designed to maintain a strong immune system. This month we heard from Samantha, who had first-hand… Continue reading


I think my man is PMS-ing. Poor guy, I know how he feels! For the last few months I’ve noticed that periodically (like, every 4 weeks or so), my guy’s normally calm, gentle demeanor turns ugly. He becomes crabby and sensitive. I catch him gorging on carbohydrates and sugar, (read: chips for breakfast, oodles-of-noodles for lunch, and cake for dinner) all the while complaining of feeling broken-out, crampy and bloated. And sometimes, for no reason at all, he cries. In… Continue reading

Hard To Swallow – When Capsules Taste Toxic, What Am I Tasting?

I’m on Day 10 of my cleanse. I am super sensitive. Highly, incredibly sensitive, to everything! And this morning when I took my Hair Essentials capsules (I’m growing out my hair, review to come, I’m practically sitting on my hair now, super excited) I had a really tough time getting them down – all of a sudden they tasted terrible. In fact, they tasted like a big, poisonous chemical, all bleached out and pesticidy. Heinous! It’s not uncommon for pills… Continue reading

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