Happy Birthday, Pisces!

You Pisces peeps tend to float along with the current of life, and don’t like to upset the boat. I don’t blame you – this world’s confrontational enough for you sensitive creatures! And this year has been pushing you to the limits of your shores, so to speak. Dearest Pisces, if this year has had you feeling like you’ve been swimming up stream then I bring you good news: you’re about to feel the love! All Pisces great and small… Continue reading

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

I am asking myself this very question, tonight at 10:18 pm. It is late, but there’s no way I’m winding down for bed yet. Why? I just had a hot date with a cup named Joe, and boy did he set my jets on fire! Ok, so it’s pretty obvious that for a restful night of sleep one shouldn’t have caffeine in the evening. But what about a hint of caffeine? A blush? A whisper? What if I need just… Continue reading

Obama To Block Private Health Insurance Rate Increases?

Look, I’m all about preventing ailments naturally, and holistically treating the heck out of any illness I may manifest. But just in case, just in case, I also pay into private insurance. At least I used to pay, until this year my insurance provider chose to up the premium rates by almost 39%. Like hundreds of thousands of Californians, I was so absolutely outraged that I cancelled my plan. Thanks, Anthem Blue Cross Insurance. The reason for my provider’s spike… Continue reading

My Review: Hair Essentials Are Essential!

It’s in, and the results are: holy shizz it works! Just like my pal Debbie from Long Island, I too have been amazed by this product. It’s true that I am the natural wellness warrior for naturalwellbeing.com, and blog through the site. And it’s true that if naturalwellbeing.com didn’t exist, neither would this blog. Thanks, NWB. But I am not a product pusher! I believe that in order to endorse a particular product, there has to be an honest-to-goodness reason… Continue reading

Congratulations Debbie, You’ve Won Testimonial Of The Month!

It’s time for rewards, people! This month’s testimonial hails from Long Island, New York, where Debbie the Ovaanalyza had been busy analyzing her thinning hair. After what reads as a careful analysis of Hair Essentials, she undertook a course of the supplement. Let’s have a look at her results: “I’m a 48-year old female with long straight hair and noticed it thinning drastically within the past year. I attributed it to stress and getting old (aren’t we all?) and was… Continue reading

Vitamin D: How Much Is Enough? – Your Guide To The Best Sources

It’s still winter. It’s still cold, and rather dark, and sometimes rather wet. And I’m still feeling funky. With the sun disappearing during the cool, Pacific winters, I suffer from lack of vitamin D! I know my body produces it with the sun, and I can get it in my diet. But how much do I need to get out of this funk? I’ve done some digging, to find out just how much vitamin D I need every day –… Continue reading

Preventing Heart Disease: A Guide To A Healthy Heart

Can you guess what the number one killer in all of North America is? No, not cancer (although we seem to be in the middle of an epidemic). The number one killer of all North Americans is heart disease. February is America’s Heart Month, and to celebrate I’ve put together a little guide to help you keep yours happy, healthy and strong. What Is Heart Disease? Heart disease is often referred to as the silent killer, because so often there… Continue reading

Get It On – Foods As Aphrodisiacs

Getting turned on isn’t so easy as turning on a light switch! Arousal of the amorous kind is a very complex, touchy thing. Our get-it-on-groove can be influenced towards both North (frigid) and South (hot-to-trot) poles by a variety of factors: hormones, psychology, stress, sleep, time etc. While it is a really fantastic thing to be ready to get busy anytime your partner is, it is more often fantastical (as in, a fantasy) that you are both in the mood… Continue reading

Banish Body Odor – And Get Sweaty!

It’s no wonder that February is an amorous month – it’s cold, it’s barren, and it’s all we can do to keep from snuggling up to one another. And for me, there’s nothing better than getting a heavenly dose of hug from my man! And then some. I especially love to lay my head against his shoulder – unless, of course, he’s just come from the gym. Pee-yew! But that’s easily remedied by a hot shower, which eliminates any smelliness.… Continue reading

Can Your Cellphone Harm Your Health?

You have a cell phone, of course. You may or may not have a landline – these days, why should you? And with new GPS technology, doesn’t it just make perfect sense to arm your child with a phone – just in case? In fact, in some developed countries land-lines have become obsolete, as cell-phone technology has become more readily available than the laying of landlines. Cell phones are the radiation wave of the future, and show no sign of… Continue reading

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