Try taking Vitamin C. It’s an excellent natural resource that will help stop and prevent the rapid spread of infection and rash caused by the poisonous leaves. It will also help reduce any swelling associated with the sting.


Treating the symptoms associated with the Poison Ivy itch. Try using Calamine lotion. This topical lotion is loaded with zinc and iron. It will help eliminate the itch, and protect the skin. You’ll be feeling much more comfortable in your skin in no time. This lotion is also great for treating the itch caused from Chicken Pox.


For a soothing and cooling relief of the skin use a variation of these natural products. Aloe Vera juice straight from the plant, tofu (sounds strange doesn’t it) or the rind from a watermelon. Believe it or not they soothe the itch and start to dry the Poison Ivy immediately.


For a straight out the of the cupboard remedy try mixing 1 tsp of water with 3 tsps of ONE of the following ingredients: Epson salts Baking Soda Cornstarch Oatmeal Blend and mush the water with the dry ingredient of your choice until a paste has formed. Then apply to affected area. We hope you have found some comfort with these tips, or at least shared your new found knowledge with those who need some comfort. Click the “Like or… Continue reading

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Please help prevent a tragedy that doesn’t need to occur. There is a lot of help out there, and lot of love and support. Send a hug, a kiss and some love to those you care about. Share this post with your friends to let them know you care. Sweeping it under the rug doesn’t make it disappear! Just want you to know I am thinking about you, Just want you to know I am here if you feel blue,… Continue reading

Swimming At Public Pools Left You With Warts? Chemical Free Wart Removal…

Have you or your children been swimming at public pools this summer? You may have already, or will soon possibly notice the appearance of the wart virus. Warts also known as the HPV or the Human Papilloma are highly contagious and spread rapidly at public places. Of course public pools are a fantastic breeding ground for this virus as we are walking around bare foot! Not too worry we have a chemical free solution that this safer and cheaper than… Continue reading

Woman And Strength Training.

Over the next week we will be providing you information on how muscle is built, exercise tips, and what areas to target for your age. Let’s start with How Muscles Are Developed. There is a common misconception that goes along with muscle building. People are generally under the belief that muscles are developing while we are working out, lifting weights or “pumping iron”, but that facts are the actual muscle building happens after the workout is over. While we are… Continue reading

Can I Do The Same Exercises To Target One Area?

As soon as you have developed a strengthening routine your body will start to adjust to it and become comfortable around the 2 month mark building muscles in the targeted area. After the 2 months time period is over your body will begin to ascend on an exercise plateau – only maintaining the muscle being built, no longer developing them. It is very important to incorporate variety at this stage; whether yours is a running, biking or swimming routine. We… Continue reading

3 Ways To Try To Avoid Catching The Common Cold.

Cold and Flu season is coming around again. Sometimes it just feels like it never left! 1. Wash your hands after being in public. Remember to use just ordinary soap. Too much anti-bacterial soap can kill the good bacteria. 2. Try not touching your face. This is a hard one. On average we touch our face 3-6 times every 5 minutes. Add that up to a whole days worth and you’ve touch your face more than 576 times in one… Continue reading

Tips On How To Improve Your Muscle Building/Toning – Part 1

Start by developing a game plan on how to introduce or vary your workout routine every 4-6 weeks. This will confuse the muscles and help you continue to get the maximum benefit from your workout! Add Some New Moves Trying bringing new challenges into your workout. If you’re used to doing squats to target your buns and thighs, try some basic Pilates moves or lunges to switch it up.

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