Ashwagandha – India’s Ancient Herb for Anxiety

According to the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is the premier herb for imbalances of ‘vata,’ conditions that generally correspond to the nervous system. It has been used in India for thousands of years, and is especially good for anxiety as it helps to calm the mind, balance the nervous system, and promote a sense of wellbeing. Ashwagandha is also called “Indian Ginseng” because of its usefulness for strengthening overall vitality and vigor. It is similar to Asian Ginseng… Continue reading

Sore Knees? Aching Back? Get Back to your Regular Activities, Faster!

Joint and soft tissue inflammation can happen at any age, either from arthritis, injuries or repetitive strain. For many people, even getting out of bed in the morning or picking something up off the floor, can be a struggle. Fortunately, there are herbs that can help! Joint Gold from Natural Wellbeing is a unique combination of 6 herbs that decrease swelling, inflammation and pain in joints and soft tissue (muscle, ligaments, tendons). When inflammation is under control, it gives your… Continue reading

Cold Sores & Herpes

Cold sores are painful blisters on the lips caused by the type 1 strain of herpes simplex virus (HSV1). Less commonly, they can be caused by the type 2 herpes virus (HSV2), usually associated with genital herpes. HSV1 can (less commonly) also cause genital infections. In either case, HSV1 or HSV2, the first outbreak usually occurs within 1-2 weeks after the initial infection and is often the worst. However, it can also be so mild as to go unnoticed, or… Continue reading

Get Your Downward Dog on! Yoga Decreases Anxiety & Improves Mood

Yoga has a greater positive effect on a person’s mood and anxiety level than walking and other forms of exercise, according to an article in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Yoga practitioners have been shown to have higher levels of GABA, a brain chemical that acts like an endogenous antidepressant. It’s associated with improved mood and decreased anxiety, and is often reduced in people with mood and anxiety disorders. That’s why drugs that increase GABA are commonly prescribed… Continue reading

ASTRAGALUS for IMMUNE SUPPORT: Ward off Winter Infections with Huang Qi, the “Yellow Leader”

Astragalus, also known as Huang Qi or “Yellow Leader,” is one of the premier herbs of the Orient for strengthening the immune system. Huang, which means yellow, is a color associated with strength and defense, such as the defensive capabilities of our immune system. Qi means energy or leader, signifying its important role in supporting the energy of the body, a function of the immune system. Astragalus is an immune system ‘modulator,’ rather than an immune ‘stimulant’; thus, it can… Continue reading

Dr. Oz Recommends Herbs for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

More and more women are embracing natural alternatives, including herbs, to ease the symptoms of menopause. This is good news, and recently even Dr. Oz recommended the herb Sage (Salvia officinalis) for sweating associated with menopause. Clinical studies have shown rapid relief (within 4 weeks) from hot flashes and night sweats with Sage, along with reduction in anxiety and improvement in mood. Black Cohosh is another herb long-used for menopause. It doesn’t have a direct hormone action, contrary to much… Continue reading

The Secret to Living Years Longer?

The saying “An apple a day…” may have more to it than just keeping the doctor away! Recent studies on fruit flies – OK, not exactly humans, but they do serve as stand-ins for us in hundreds of research projects every year – showed that antioxidants in apples extended the lifespan of fruit flies by a significant 10%! These antioxidants, called polyphenols, not only prolonged the average lifespan of the fruit flies, but also helped preserve their agility – they… Continue reading

Migraines & Headaches – This Pretty Flower Can Help!

Feverfew, as its name indicates, can be used to help lower fevers, and it has been used since Roman times to induce menstruation . It has also long been used as a herb for arthritis and rheumatism, especially in combination with other herbs. Feverfew is now used principally as a treatment for migraine, with clinical trials demonstrating its effectiveness. It is thought that the “parthenolides” in Feverfew confer its beneficial effects; however, the exact nature of its action is not… Continue reading

Something to Stew About – Prunes!

Grandma’s recommendation “have some stewed prunes!” turns out be sound advice for constipation afterall, like so many of the simple health remedies used by our elders before the advent of pharmaceuticals. According to results from a recent clinical trial, a daily dose of dried plums is more effective for constipation than the soluble fiber from psyllium (as used in drugstore fiber laxatives). How much do you need? About 50 grams of prunes a day, or around 1/3 cup of dried… Continue reading

Ginger is a Zinger!

When we think of Ginger, likely its delicious culinary applications first come to mind… even its botanical name, Zingiber officinalis, alludes to the “zing” that Ginger carries! If you’re one of many who suffer from heartburn, try a freshly brewed cup of soothing Ginger tea the next time painful acid reflux flares up. Or, try the tasty Ginger Gold syrup from Natural Wellbeing; it will help calm the digestive tract and relieve spasms that can end up causing the stomach… Continue reading

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