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Blog: It’s Cold Sore Season… Here’s What You Can Do!

As many sufferers know, winter often means painful cold sore outbreaks. So, what can you do to avoid getting them again this year, as the colder weather approaches? Keeping your immune system strong is, undoubtedly, your best defense. To that end, eating well, maintaining a healthy work-life balance (including effective stress management techniques), and getting […]

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Blog: Men’s Sexual Health & Vitality

The male libido and sexual response, including arousal and erection, involves a dynamic interplay of hormones that can be affected by many variables and change from day-to-day. Health, work, stress, financial concerns, and family and relationship dynamics can all have an effect upon male sexual health and sex drive. Like their female counterpart, male hormones […]

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Blog: Nursing Mother Support

Nursing your infant is one of the most natural, nurturing, and nourishing things you can do for your newborn. Breast milk not only provides your baby with the perfect food, but also with important immune protection that can help ensure their health, both during infancy and beyond. Breastfeeding also provides an intimate and loving way […]

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Blog: Natural Relief for Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common conditions of modern society and is most often due to lack of fiber, stress, inactivity, and dehydration. It is technically defined as having fewer than three bowel movements per week. Constipation, sluggish digestion, and irregular bowel movements can put a burden upon the entire system from toxic buildup […]

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Blog: Sunny Calendula

Calendula is one of those flowers that brings a smile to the face, just looking at its bright, cheery yellow and orange petals. They seem to capture the essence of the sunshine and radiate it back, brightening the day for all! Calendula is a wonderful and versatile herbal medicine, as well. As an infused oil, […]

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Blog: You’re Getting Sleepy…

OK, maybe you’ve tried the subliminal relaxation tapes, to no avail. You’re still laying there, wide awake. Though it’s true that getting up and doing something – a bit of stretching, some reading – is better than laying there (getting stressed about the fact that you’re not asleep!), wouldn’t it be even better if you […]

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