Maintaining Balance During the Holidays (and Onwards!)

With the holidays in full swing, most of could use a little extra help in maintaining balance – now more than ever! Get that extra help with Anxiety & Stress Essentials™, a naturally supportive blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to help calm the nervous system, promote a relaxed state of mind, and relax tense muscles.

Give Your Liver a Little Extra Love!

If you’re like many of us, you may have found yourself nibbling a wee too much shortbread over the holidays, or perhaps sipping one too many eggnogs… just maybe? All those goodies sure taste great, but the extra fat and alcohol we often end up consuming at this time of year, put an even bigger load upon our already overworked liver. This is the perfect time of year to give your liver a little extra love!

Ginseng Energy Gold™ – Will Help Keep You Humming this Season!

The holiday season is a wonderful time for gatherings and socializing, but all of that extra activity may leave you feeling a little burned out. This year, keep yourself humming right through New Year’s, with Ginseng Energy Gold™! Ginseng Energy Gold™ features both Asian (Red) and American Ginseng Root. Some sources suggest that the Red Ginseng is more warming or ‘yang,’ while American Ginseng is less heating and thus may be more suited to the North American temperament. Together, they… Continue reading

Kids and Germs Go Together Like…

photo credit: Wonderlane One thing that’s consistent amongst most young children, is their innate instinct to ‘explore’ the world around them by putting ‘that world’ into their mouth. Once it’s in the hand, the next logical destination is the mouth – for better or for worse! Along with that natural instinct for exploration, comes exposure to a lot of germs. Some of these pose no problem, and are an important part of building a child’s immunity. Other germs, however, most… Continue reading

Women’s Sexual Vitality

Much like a sensitive, finely tuned musical instrument, a woman’s libido is also very sensitive and highly influenced by her surroundings. Stress, work, family, financial and relationship concerns – all of these can have a profound effect upon our intricate hormonal system and, therefore, our libido. Maintaining our hormones in optimal balance and communication with one another supports sexual vitality at any age, and the “Green Queens” can help us in this regard. Plant medicines provide an abundant source of… Continue reading

A Healthy Smile Begins with Healthy Gums!

To keep your smile radiant, healthy gums are a must. They’re a strong indicator of our general health: inflamed or bleeding gums can be a sign of not only inadequate dental hygiene, but also nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin C or vitamin A. In addition to regular flossing and brushing, using a natural antimicrobial mouthwash such as Gum Gold, can help keep your gums healthy.

Burning the Midnight Oil?

Used for over 2000 years in China and Russia to improve physical stamina and endurance and strengthen the immune system, Eleuthero has become one of the most popular herbs in North America – and for good reason! Eleuthero is one of our best herbs for stress management, especially when you find yourself “burning the midnight oil” such as with work deadlines, exams, or other challenges.

Black Walnut Hull Extract – The Imperial Nut

photo credit: born1945 The Romans gave this special type of walnut the name “The Imperial Nut” because of its impressive health benefits. Equally impressive are the benefits of its fresh hull (outer shell), harvested in its green state before it blackens, when at its most potent. Fresh (green) Black Walnut hulls contain powerful antiparasitic and antifungal compounds including juglone, which is highly effective at ridding the intestinal tract of parasites including giardia, blastocystis, pinworms, and amoebas. It is also a… Continue reading

Nursing Support

photo credit: Chris R McFarlandNursing your baby – one of the most nurturing and nourishing of acts, and one that provides a deeply intimate, loving way to bond with your newborn. Sometimes, however, low milk supply, insufficient milk ‘let-down’ (ejection), difficulty latching on or nipple confusion, can make nursing a challenge, especially with a firstborn.

Gotu Kola: Secrets of Longevity

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) has been traditionally used for thousands of years as an energizing and cognitive-stimulating (brain boosting) herb, and is still used today as a premier herb for fatigue, confusion, and general lethargy. The energizing effects of Gotu Kola (not to be confused with Kola Nut, a different plant) primarily arise from its stimulating effect upon the thyroid, making it extremely beneficial for low thyroid function (hypothyroid or subclinical hypothyroid).

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