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Sometimes, anxiety can have you feeling like you’re in free-fall – with no parachute attached!

TIP: When excess adrenalin is pumping through your system, try this simple exercise:

Lay down on the couch, and, with your shoes off, push your feet into the end cushion. Push! Hold it for a few seconds and then repeat. You can do the same with your arms, pushing them against the back of the couch. This actually gives the adrenalin ‘somewhere to go’ so that it gets used up, decreasing its effects in the rest of your body.

After you’ve worked out on your couch (hmm, isn’t that an oxymoron…?!), try a few minutes of the breathing we talked about in our last post (see below), or go for a brisk 15-minute walk. This will really help to decrease the adrenalin and increase your calming neurotransmitters.

You’ll begin to notice there’s a parachute there, after all!

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