Does Your Child Have Trouble Staying Focused? Kids’ Attention Gold

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on January 12, 2013 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Does your son or daughter have difficulty finishing their schoolwork or other tasks? Sitting still? Do they get easily distracted or frustrated?

Attention difficulties and hyperactivity are an ever-growing concern these days, and too often the ‘solution’ seems to be a pill.

Here are some natural options:
• Fresh, whole-food diet – remove processed and preservative/chemical-laden ‘nonfoods,’ excess sugar, sodas.
• Avoid food-coloring dyes – there’s an established link between Yellow No. 5 and ADHD. It’s the second most common coloring agent after Red No. 40, and some candy products have more than 10 dyes! The colors in your child’s diet should be all-natural, from fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Unplug – take regular (extended) breaks from video games and internet.
• Get them to go and play outside.
• Regular sleep time (without access to wireless after bedtime!).
Kids’ Attention Gold herbal remedy

Kids’ Attention Gold is an easy-to-take, great-tasting blend of 5 traditional herbs that help calm the nervous system to improve attention span, reduce fidgeting, and maintain a more even temperament.

Customer Review:
“My daughter is 8, and has problems with focus. I started her on the Kids Attention Gold about 4 months ago, and it has provided such wonderful results. Her focus is good, she can concentrate on work at school and at home for a lot longer than she was able to previous to taking the product… and it’s done wonders for her self esteem, not being so frustrated, as well as getting continued praise for her successes.”
~ Lauren from Red Deer, AB

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Kids' Attention Gold provides all-natural herbal support to help ease focus and concentration challenges in children. Alcohol-free glycerite.

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