Essential Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on March 17, 2009 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Suffering through the sniffles, sneezes, shivers, coughs, and scratchy throats of the common cold is not something any of us wants to endure. Yet during cold and flu season, we encounter bacteria and viruses galore, all threatening to bring us down in a tissue-covered mound of sorry, human misery.

But how do you prevent a cold or flu from even occurring? Good health and an efficient hand-washing routine will certainly go a long way to preventing infection and warding off the nasty symptoms of colds and flu’s. These cold and flu prevention techniques include:

  • Balanced nutrition with moderate calorie counts, plenty of variety, and minimum vitamin-mineral requirements -getting enough vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, mixed carotenoids, iron, zinc, and selenium.
  • Sleep that’s both regular and deep.
  • Regular, moderate exercise.

You should also ensure you’re getting regular doses of fun and leisure to boost your overall happiness and wellbeing. All of these things help to bolster your immune system, making it much more effective at fighting off infections and staying healthy.

But you may be able to up the ante and further protect yourself by taking a natural cold and flu supplement. These supplements can either be taken throughout the infectious seasonĀ or at the first signs of the flu or cold creeping into your system. Either way, they’ll further strengthen your immune system naturally so that your body can fend off the affronting disease.

And if you can avoid getting sick in the first place, that means you can avoid taking conventional, over-the-counter medicines to deal with the symptoms, many of which come with unwanted side effects. That means better health all around.

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