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Fo-Ti – Herb of Longevity

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on May 21, 2011 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Fo-Ti root, also called He Shou Wu (‘black-haired Mr. He”), is considered one of China’s greatest tonic herbs. It has been used traditionally for thousands of years for improving a wide array of conditions ranging from low back pain and decreased energy and vitality, to fertility and longevity support.

Fo-Ti is a “superior tonic” herb. It rejuvenates the entire body and helps protect against premature ageing. Fo-Ti is possibly best known for its ability to help restore hair back closer to its original color and to prevent further graying. It is also reported to help slow down hair loss and increase the rate of hair growth.

Along with healthier hair, Fo-Ti also helps to strengthen brittle and weak, slow-growing nails. Many individuals report thicker, stronger, faster nail growth within a few weeks of using Fo-Ti.

Fo-Ti strengthens the immune system and increases red blood cell formation, making it useful in blood loss or anemia, and for athletes looking for natural ways to improve oxygenation of the blood and thus their workout or performance.

For enhanced vitality, including fertility and longevity, consider Fo-Ti – according to legend, Mr. He lived to be 160 years old!

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Fo-Ti Root nourishes healthy hair and helps protect against hair loss.

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