Food manufacturers add salt to low fat foods to add more flavor to the food! This could kill you.

Posted January 5, 2011 by admin

Salt/Sodium is on the top of the list for foods that are associated with the risks of heart disease and stroke!

We all know that excess salt is not good for you, although some of us just don’t want to listen, or think we are invisible.

Did you know your suggested daily intake of salt should not exceed 2300mg.

You’re almost at your daily intake with one meal from these foods alone:

Frozen dinners – contain up to 800mg
Cottage Cheese – contains up 900mg
A jar of spaghetti sauce – contains up 1020mg

To help avoid the risks of heart disease and stroke, do NOT add access salt to your foods, try cooking your own meals, so you can control the contents, and check food labels. Processed food will generally contain more salt/sodium then fresh foods, and this includes low fat foods!