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Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on December 19, 2009 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Yesterday I wrote about my yen for zenned-out skin. While I wholeheartedly believe that minimal stress = gorgeousness all around, I also am a firm-skinned believer that there are other important contributors!

Getting gorgeous for the holidays does mean eating, drinking, and supplementing well. I have posted a few articles about battling winter dryness and eating our way to immortal beauty, but I think we can all also appreciate some great grooming tips! Yes, even an eco-glamour-puss like me likes to make it up, and I have some tried and true sexy-natural products to share with you:

A sleek ‘do: Guys and dolls appreciate having a well-to-do `do. With the right product, it’s so easy! Hamadi Beauty has an amazing shea-based hair pomade, perfect for short styles. It also pulls double-duty as a shaving cream, cuticle treatment and leave-in conditioner! Translation: no matter what length your hair, this pomade will leave it shiny and sleek. Tested on actresses, never on animals, I love this stuff.

Get sprayed!: Here, kitty kitty! Mood-enhancing fragrances are the fastest way for us cats to feel festive. Tsi-La Organics perfumes leave me so sweet smelling that I want to eat myself (I’m not saying which one, as a lady never admits her signature scent!). They create fragrances for men and women, in delicious concoctions using 100% renewable energy and organic ingredients.

Glowball: As I have divulged, I am a sucker for anything anti-aging in a seductively packaged bottle. My absolute favorite all-around beauty product is John Masters Organics Green Tea and Rose Hydrating Facial Serum. I mix this anti-aging elixir with my mineral powder to create a foundation, and dab it around my eyes as a treatment. It really is heaven in a bottle.

A smoky eye: Nothing says “I’m going to a party” like a smoldering eye. Rimming the eyes in a dark liner and shadow combination is ageless, sophisticated and sexy. Any dark hue will do: dark brown, charcoal, even eggplant, and looks great whether applied with a light or heavy hand. I love ZUZU Luxe eyeliner pencils, which come in a variety of colors. Long lasting, chemical-free and vegan, they appeal to all of my senses!

Hair Essentials: I must wax poetic about my favorite NaturalWellbeing product. Not only does Hair Essentials help grow back hair that has been dormant, but it keeps my skin clean and clear. I believe it has even eradicated my PMS! With a powerful blend of Chinese herbs, and silica, white tea, and borage oil, it delivers antioxidants and essential fatty acids directly to my skin, hair and nails. I swear by it.

And there we are, my favorite products for getting glory-be gorgeous – naturally. Natch! I hope you’ll find them glow-inducing, too.

Your organic babe, Sage

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