Ginger for Acid Reflux

Posted January 4, 2011 by admin

When we think of Ginger, its warming, stimulating properties likely first come to mind. Even its botanical name, Zingiber officinalis, alludes to the “zing” that Ginger has!

Ginger’s also a wonderful anti-inflammatory, though, and may help to sooth acid reflux (heartburn). Next time heartburn hits, try making yourself a healing, nourishing cup of Ginger tea: Thinly slice 1/2-inch of the fresh root (unpeeled) and gently simmer it for ~10-15 minutes in 12 oz. of water. You can add a little honey for sweetening. This simple tea remedy is also wonderful for other intestinal problems such as gas, cramping, and nausea.

Like its close cousin Turmeric – they’re in the same botanical family – Ginger is one of Nature’s best “food as medicines.” It tastes great and can be added to stir fries or juiced (delicious with apples). It even does double-duty these cold winter days by increasing the peripheral circulation and warming up the hands and feet!

Let us know if you’re a Ginger fan, too!