Ginger Gold – Cough Syrup

Posted January 4, 2011 by admin

Ginger Gold is a great-tasting, all-natural herbal syrup designed to help relieve troublesome coughs, congestion in the lungs, and sore throats. Not only that, it’s kid-friendly (alcohol-free)!

Coughing, though one of our body’s best defense mechanisms, can be exhausting when it goes on-and-on. …This happens when phlegm (mucous) becomes too thick and we’re not able to loosen it up enough to expel out. It can also become a breeding ground for infection when this happens.

We don’t want to suppress the cough reflex entirely, though. Instead, we can help support a better quality of mucous – one that’s thinner, so that it’s easier to cough it up – and out!

Ginger Gold is a synergistic combination of herbs that include fresh & dry Ginger root, Licorice, Osha, and Wild Cherry Bark. Ginger, as we discussed in an earlier post, is great for circulation – it’ll help bring fresh blood to your lungs and make breathing easier. Osha is one of the best antibacterial herbs for the respiratory system. Licorice brings soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits to sore lungs and throat, and Wild Cherry is a classic anti-spasmodic for coughs.

Together, they also help to produce a thinner mucous and make your cough “more productive.”

So if a cough gets you this winter, get Ginger Gold!
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