Ginseng Energy Gold™ – Will Help Keep You Humming this Season!

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on December 28, 2011 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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The holiday season is a wonderful time for gatherings and socializing, but all of that extra activity may leave you feeling a little burned out. This year, keep yourself humming right through New Year’s, with Ginseng Energy Gold™!

Ginseng Energy Gold™ features both Asian (Red) and American Ginseng Root. Some sources suggest that the Red Ginseng is more warming or ‘yang,’ while American Ginseng is less heating and thus may be more suited to the North American temperament. Together, they help balance one another out and synergize the best that each has to offer.

Additional adrenal and immune-supportive herbs in Ginseng Energy Gold™ include Eleuthero, Fo-ti root, Codonopsis, Ginkgo, and Licorice, the “great harmonizer.” Ginger rounds out this warming tonic as it supports the circulation to ensure even distribution throughout the entire body.

Keep going strong the whole holiday season – with Ginseng Energy Gold™!

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