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It’s not just men that worry about losing their hair. Women suffer from hair loss, too, especially around menopause, after pregnancy, from low thyroid, and with many other conditions. If you want hair that’s thicker, stronger, and faster-growing, try HAIR ESSENTIALS – it works for both women and men! See:

HAIR ESSENTIALS can reverse hair loss and promote new, healthy hair growth. How? First, it targets DHT to prevent further hair loss. DHT is a hormone made from testosterone (which both men & women have), that causes your hair follicles to shrink. When that happens, it means less nutrients for growing hair. This causes your hair to grow in more slowly, be weaker, or eventually stop growing altogether.

Next, Hair Essentials seeds your follicles with everything they need for new hair growth. The nutrients in Hair Essentials are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to your scalp. There, they repair damaged hair follicles and kick-start inactive ones. The result? Healthy new hair growth!

Try HAIR ESSENTIALS – it’s our top-selling product! Learn more or order here:

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