Kids and Germs – They Go Hand-in-Hand!

Posted September 9, 2011 by admin

Kids are continually exposed to all sorts of germs – from the toys (and other things!) they put into their mouths, to being in close contact with other children. This is particularly true with youngsters starting preschool or kindergarten.

You can help your child stay healthy this school season with Kids’ Biotic Gold. It’s a great tasting, alcohol-free herbal formulation designed to strengthen and support your child’s natural immune defenses. It’s also excellent for helping to overcome a cold or flu bug faster, if your little one does happen to come down with something.

How does Kids’ Biotic Gold work?
Two of the main herbs in Kids’ Biotic Gold are Echinacea and Goldenseal. These have been used for hundreds of years for supporting the immune system and helping to overcome infection. Goldenseal is particularly beneficial for bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, including sore throats and chest congestion.

Additional important immune-supporting herbs in Kids’ Biotic Gold include Oregon Grape Root. Like Goldenseal, Oregon Grape is rich in berberine, a powerful antimicrobial compound that acts much like a natural antibiotic.

Licorice Root is simply one of the best all-around herbs available! Its beneficial expectorant action aids in loosening up congestion so that it can be more easily eliminated – they can blow their nose more easily, and cough up that hard-to-loosen phlegm. Myrrh Gum and Wild Indigo Root round out the powerful immune-strengthening and antimicrobial qualities of Kids’ Biotic Gold.

With Kids’ Biotic Gold, you can help keep your child healthy this school season!