Kids’ Coughs – It’s That Season!

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on October 13, 2012 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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For the little body suffering the effects of colds, flus, and seasonal challenges, a cough can be painful and exhausting. Kids’ Cough Gold can help your child find relief!

Kids’ Cough Gold is formulated to help resolve acute respiratory congestion. This synergistic formula helps make a cough more productive, to clear out the lungs and respiratory tract, and supports the body’s natural defenses to help eliminate bacterial and viral infections, faster.

Natural herbal ingredients in Kids’ Cough Gold include:

• Wild Cherry bark – a respiratory sedative that calms a spastic cough.
• Yerba Santa – assists the cilia in the lungs to move mucous upwards, for easier expectoration.
• Osha – a powerful antiviral agent and bronchodilator, helping to increase oxygen uptake in the lungs and ease breathing.
• Licorice – provides a soothing, demulcent action in the respiratory tract and mucous membranes in general.
• Pleurisy Root – aids in breaking up thick mucous to ease expectoration and make a cough more productive.
• Mullein – soothing and restorative to inflamed lung tissues, helping to reduce associated pain and discomfort in the lungs.
• Lobelia – relaxes the diaphragm and intercostal (between-rib) muscles, easing breathing by increasing the lung capacity and reducing spastic cough.

Kids’ Cough Gold – natural, effective relief for your child’s cough!


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