Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health

Posted February 27, 2013 by Paulina

‘Heart Health’ month may be coming to a close, but a healthy heart is something we want to maintain every month of the year!

Inflammation in the arterial blood vessels of the cardiovascular system is a leading cause of heart disease. It causes damage to the walls of the vessels, making them more susceptible to cholesterol (a waxy type of fat) being deposited along their lining, narrowing and eventually blocking them. Damage in the vessels from inflammation can also cause formation of small clots; these can break off and travel to the brain or lungs, increasing the risk of stroke.

A healthy diet (such as the Mediterranean diet) that favors whole foods, healthy oils and fats, and that limits processed foods including trans-fats and refined/excess sugars—which contribute to inflammation—will help keep your heart healthy, year-round!