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Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on November 26, 2009 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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I’m not anti-aging, as in “against” aging. To me, there’s something beautiful about wearing my experiential wisdom on my physical body. That said, I definitely aim to age gracefully. And a gloriously skin-tightening, brightening, illuminating facial serum never hurt anyone, either!

Truth be told, I am a sucker for anything life-extending related. Let me elaborate: I am a self-professed eco-luxury skin care whore. There, I said it. Internally and externally, I will climb the walls with my well-manicured nails to get to the latest, greatest skin-healthy product – especially when it’s wrapped in gorgeous environmental (of course) packaging!

Every once in a while, though, I rein myself for a little self-talk, and ask myself if the product in question is really doing its great work: helping me fight the battle against premature aging. Do I really see fine-lines disappearing? Are my sun spots really fading? Or am I so enamored with my new hope-in-a-jar that I convince myself of the changes when looking in my mirror? Seriously folks, probably the latter. And then I remember that at every point in my life, when I have looked my absolute best, there have been consistently present factors. These tried and true beautifying tips I share with you now (and they just happen to be the top proven anti-aging treatments, as well. Bonus!):

Many foods and drinkables contain vital phytonutrients: members of the antioxidant family that scavenge the “free-radicals”, or oxygen molecules, that oxidize and therefore contribute to our aging. As well, aging is related to the inflammation of our tissues, something else that our diets can combat. By choosing a diet rich in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory foods, we can significantly delay the aging process. Choose from:
– Cold water fish: The American Heart Associate recommends eating fish twice weekly. Salmon is a household staple for me!
– Brightly colored fruits and veggies: make a rainbow on your plate! And go raw as often as possible, since cooking can kill off most of the vital enzymes and energy harbored in fruits and veggies. Go for a salad a day, a fresh juice, and fresh fruits. My personal anti-aging faves:
*Water – I drink at least 8 glasses per day.
*Acai, acerola, blackberries. They make the smoothest smoothies.
*Sprouts – all kinds! And try a sprouted grain bread, super yummy. Super good. Anti-aging Superstar.
*Green foods
*Nuts and seeds – I sprout these too. Natch.
*Yogurt – you know I love my healthy bacteria!
*Green tea – Drink up! I also use green tea as a facial toner, which absorbs UV rays and eliminates free radicals.

Regular exercise boosts blood circulation, which not only keeps the body functioning on optimal levels, but brings a healthy glow to the skin. Don’t smoke! And wear sunscreen. My reminder is the video above, which I encourage you to view and share with your loved ones.

And speaking of loved ones, this video serves to remind me of the greatest anti-ager of all: Love! Love yourself, love others, and you will remain ageless. I guarantee it!

Ah. An unending life full of raw food, gorgeous skin and hair, shoes, and love. I don’t know what more a girl could ask for.

How’s that for Sage advice?

Love ;-), Sage

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