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Natural Support for Arthritis

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on March 21, 2013 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Herbs such as Turmeric, Boswellia, Devil’s Claw, and Yucca are all beneficial for joint inflammation and arthritis, as are other herbs found in Joint Gold from Natural Wellbeing (see:

Cat’s Claw from South America has shown notable benefit for rheumatoid arthritis, in particular. See:

Omega-3 fish oils also provide excellent anti-inflammatory support and help modulate the immune system. See Omega-3 Plus:

Eating a whole-foods diet that emphasizes fresh vegetables and fruits, and minimizes wheat and flour products, sugar, red meat, and unhealthy fats (trans-fat, excess saturated fat) will also help to reduce inflammation that contributes to joint damage.


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Paulina Nelega, RH
Paulina Nelega, RH, has been in private practice as a Clinical Herbalist for over 15 years. She has developed and taught courses in herbal medicine, and her articles on health have appeared in numerous publications. She is very passionate about the healing power of nature. Ask Dr. Jan

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