Natural Support for Female Sexual Vitality

Posted August 1, 2012 by admin

Creative Commons License photo credit: moodboardphotography

Low libido can result from many reasons including overwork, stress, chronic pain, poor nutrition, and hormonal imbalances. Underlying health conditions can also cause decreased sexual energy; if you’ve noticed any unexplained changes of late, it’s a good idea to have a check up.

Natural plant aphrodisiacs may also help. Herbs such as Maca, Tribulus (not just for men!), Damiana and Mucuna are renowned traditional aphrodisiacs, used for millennia for supporting healthy sexual vitality. Plant aphrodisiacs provide a rich source of phytonutrients that help us to maintain our “inner Aphrodite” – they strengthen, regulate, and rebalance our hormones, including those involved in the sexual response, as well as support our overall energy and vitality.

Female Libido Tonic from Natural Wellbeing contains several traditional aphrodisiac herbs plus supportive nutrients such as vitamin B12 and arginine.

Embrace your inner Aphrodite!