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Nature’s Immune Booster

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on August 13, 2011 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Astragalus has been used for centuries to support the immune system, and is particularly effective for stimulating ‘deep immunity.’ This makes it especially helpful for those who get sick often or easily, for illnesses that do not resolve in a reasonable amount of time, and for those prone to viral and bacterial infections or who require antibiotics frequently.

Astragalus may be used as a daily immune tonic, and is excellent for the elderly and for restoring vitality after chronic illness or stress. It has been used as adjunctive herbal support during chemotherapy and with HIV patients, as it may help maintain white blood cell counts and prevent opportunistic infections from occurring.

• Supports healthy immune system function
• Protects during times of stress
• Helps with recovery from chronic fatigue
• Helps after chronic illness or longstanding stress

If you have an autoimmune condition or are on any immunosuppressive medications, consult your doctor before using Astragalus.

Astragalus: it’s Nature’s own immune booster!

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Paulina Nelega, RH
Paulina Nelega, RH, has been in private practice as a Clinical Herbalist for over 15 years. She has developed and taught courses in herbal medicine, and her articles on health have appeared in numerous publications. She is very passionate about the healing power of nature. Ask Dr. Jan

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