Nervines: Herbs for Stress & Anxiety

Posted March 9, 2011 by admin

Yesterday we looked at Skullcap, undoubtedly one of the best herbs available for people who “think too much.”

Like Skullcap, Oats is a classic example of a nervine. A “nervine” is a herb (or food/nutrient) that helps to build, restore, and strengthen our nervous system. I’m sure that many of us could use a little help with that, these days!

Oat seeds have long been used for debility and fatigue, and for restoring strength and vigor. They’re balancing and calming to the nervous system, encourage healthier sleep patterns, and have traditionally been valued for their anti-depressant and nerve regenerative properties.

We’ve combined Oats & Skullcap together with several other nervine herbs, to give you Anxiety & Stress Essentials. This all-natural remedy will help calm your nervous system and relieve tension so that you can function better, including getting better sleep.