Oats: Good for Porridge and a Whole Lot More!

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on July 1, 2011 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Oats is a classic example of a “nervine,” a herb (or food/nutrient) that helps to build, restore, and strengthen our nervous system.

Oat straw was historically used as mattress filling, apparently providing benefit to rheumatism sufferers. Nowadays, Oats (both the straw (dried stem) and seeds) are used primarily for nervous system-related conditions including debility and fatigue, and for restoring strength and vigor.

Oats are balancing and calming to the nervous system, encourage healthier sleep patterns, and have traditionally been valued for their antidepressant and nerve-regenerative properties. Oat bran is also beneficial for helping to lower cholesterol.

So like granny said – Eat your porridge!

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