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The Language of Plants
Posted January 21, 2013 by Paulina

Plants can not move or speak, but they still need to ‘communicate’ with their environment, including with other plants, animals, insects, and their specific pollinator(s). They also do not have an immune system; however, they need to defend against challenges from bacteria, fungi, viruses, insects, and even other plants. How Do They Do This? The primary way that plants accomplish both of these necessities – communication and defense – is through the production of “secondary metabolites” – compounds such as… Continue reading

Avoid Catching the Flu this Winter!
Posted January 14, 2013 by Paulina

A combination of frequent and thorough hand washing, along with keeping your hands away from your face, are two of the best practices for avoiding catching the flu (especially if you’re out in public spaces a lot). As well, when using a public facility, be sure to use the paper towel you’ve dried your hands with, to turn off the faucet and open the door. You can also keep your immune system ready for extra defense with herbs like Oregano… Continue reading

Does Your Child Have Trouble Staying Focused? Kids’ Attention Gold
Posted January 11, 2013 by Paulina

Does your son or daughter have difficulty finishing their schoolwork or other tasks? Sitting still? Do they get easily distracted or frustrated? Attention difficulties and hyperactivity are an ever-growing concern these days, and too often the ‘solution’ seems to be a pill. Here are some natural options: • Fresh, whole-food diet – remove processed and preservative/chemical-laden ‘nonfoods,’ excess sugar, sodas. • Avoid food-coloring dyes – there’s an established link between Yellow No. 5 and ADHD. It’s the second most common coloring… Continue reading

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
Posted January 8, 2013 by Paulina

Sleep is vitally important to health, with one of the most significant compromises being upon our immune system, when we don’t get enough of it. Chronic insomnia can cause irritability, frustration, daytime exhaustion, and may even result in mild personality changes that contribute to relationship or work problems. It can also lead to more serious health issues. Approximately 60% of us experience poor quality sleep (including not enough of it) and about one in ten of us have chronic insomnia. Insomnia… Continue reading

Make 2013 Your Year for Healthy Hair!
Posted January 3, 2013 by Paulina

Did you know that almost 50% of us make resolutions for the New Year? And, that about 75% of those resolutions are based on self-improvement? That’s not so surprising, really; after all, many of us have high hopes of changing our lives for the better, from eating well and getting in shape, to saving money. And the New Year is a great time to focus on how to do that! This upcoming year, women of all ages are looking to… Continue reading

Fresh Herbs for a Healthier You
Posted January 2, 2013 by Paulina

Here’s an idea for a simple, healthy New Year’s resolution: Plant some fresh herbs on your windowsill to inspire your culinary urges! They’re not only full of flavor, but also packed with antioxidants and micronutrients to help keep you healthy!

Considering Cleansing in the New Year?
Posted December 27, 2012 by Paulina

After a fun-filled holiday season, a little cleansing is a great idea. Here are some suggestions to get you started! Milk Thistle is probably recognized as the preeminent “liver remedy.” It’s been used for thousands of years for detoxifying the liver and protecting it against a wide number of toxins. It does this via a large group of compounds collectively referred to as ‘silymarin.’ Silymarin helps protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol, medications, chemicals, byproducts of metabolism, and… Continue reading

Stress & Hair Loss (Telogen Effluvium)
Posted December 20, 2012 by Paulina

Stress-Related Hair Loss Stress can have many effects in our body, including hair loss. Significant hair loss (between 200-300 hairs per day, over an extended period) can occur after a significant shock to the system, such as: surgery, illness, high fever, losing a loved one or other emotional stress, certain medications, dramatic weight loss (such as from gastric bypass), pregnancy, and other causes. A highly stressful event signals our system to conserve energy for other, more immediate bodily needs. One… Continue reading

Mistletoe: The Evolution of a Tradition
Posted December 19, 2012 by Paulina

According to Norse mythology, Balder, the god of Peace, was slain with an arrow made of Mistletoe. After Balder was restored to life, his mother, Frigga, pronounced Mistletoe to be sacred and, to ensure that it be considered an ongoing emblem of love and not one of hate, that anyone passing beneath it should receive a kiss. It is this tradition that is still in practice today, as we “kiss beneath the mistletoe.” Though there’s much myth surrounding Mistletoe, it… Continue reading