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Today people lead a very hectic lifestyle – always running around from place to place. It’s no wonder that sometimes our health can suffer. But not everyone wants to see an allopathic doctor just to get some chemically laden drug in the hopes that it will make their feel better.

Sometimes it will, but most often than not those chemicals end up making you feel worse. We get sick because we do not take time out of our busy days for ourselves. Our minds and bodies are so stressed out that we end up with a cold, headache or some other health issue. We need to learn to relax and reduce the stress in our lives. For most people this is a huge challenge and to help, they turn to massages, aromatherapy and even Reiki.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is also used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki utilizes a practice similar to “laying of hands”. It is the use of touch to convey warmth, serenity, love, care and healing, through the channeling of energy to enhance a person’s own life force.

When experiencing pain or hurt, people tend to put their hands on the injured part of the body as the first part of trying to subdue the pain, and heal it. Mothers tend to caress or want to kiss their children’s wounds or scrapes as part of the process of comforting and healing. The same with sick people, relatives tend to hold the hands of a sick person in order to convey and transmit a feeling of comfort and care. Animals perform this same process instinctively. They tend, for example, to lick the area of pain, or wounds as a form of comfort and healing.

This “laying on hands” or touching to heal, stems from the principle that every living being or creature has a life force. This life force radiates from all parts of a person, and it is the harnessing and channeling of this life force or energy to heal, using certain Reiki techniques, which is what Reiki is all about. When a person’s life force energy is low, it is then that they are more likely to get sick and be depressed; but if their life force energy is high, then they will be healthy and happy.


The word Reiki can be broken down into two parts: Rei, and Ki. Ki is the life force or energy and is the source of life itself or Prana. In Japan, life energy is termed Ki. Ki is similar to the Chinese Ch’i, and pervades the whole of the earth, planets, stars, and universe, and these life energies affect and connect with our own living body’s Ki.

Rei on the other hand refers to the universal transcendental spirit, essence or mysterious power that exists in the universe.

In plain English, Reiki means “universal life energy”.

A Reiki Session

During a Reiki session, energy is channeled from the Reiki practitioner to the client through the palms of the practitioner when the palms are placed in certain positions on the client’s body. However, these same positions can be taught to the client for practice at home.

The Ki (Life energy force) that creates the healing, flows through the person’s chakras, down into the middle of the palms and through to the tips of the fingers. For the energy to be activated, both hands must be on the client’s body, or held just above it in the aura. One must also have the intent to heal.

Heat sensations, are often felt by both the practitioner and the client, as well as cold; a sensation of water flowing; trembling, vibrating, tingling, sound, color and even pain moving through the hands.

Reiki hand positions are primarily over the chakras. Chakras are energy transformers and bring in Ki from the Earth and Heavens into the human body.

Alternative Healing Treatment

Because Reiki is a simple, natural way to dispense spiritual healing and self-improvement, it is an effective alternative treatment that can be used for any illness, disease as well as for relaxation.

Reiki can also be used alongside other medical or therapeutic treatments to help relieve any negative side effects and speed recovery.

Even though Reiki is considered to be spiritual in nature, it is not a religion at all! Instead it is comprised of a special set of techniques based on ancient Tibetan healing methodologies that allows one to tap into this infinite and limitless source of life energy to heal.

Finding a Practitioner

These days most upscale massage parlors have a Reiki practitioner on staff. Reiki is considered a different form of massage in many US States and can only be performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist.

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