Rosacea–sometimes called adult acne (though it’s not truly)–is an inflammatory condition of the small blood vessels of the face. It occurs more frequently in women (usually 30 – 50 years old) than men, and in lighter, fair-skinned individuals. It’s not exactly known what causes rosacea – several factors including genetic predisposition, sensitivity to sun, infection, or certain medications, are all possible causes or contributors.

In rosacea, the tiny capillaries in the face enlarge (dilate) and fill with blood, giving the skin a ‘rosy’ appearance. These capillaries can eventually break, leaving permanent small broken blood vessels (spider veins) across the cheeks and nose. Depending on the degree of blood vessel enlargement, there may even be a swollen appearance to the face and cyst-like bumps. Triggers may include caffeine, alcohol, sun exposure, spicy foods, and events that cause flushing – nervousness, embarrassment, stress. Extremes of temperature can also cause flushing.

So what’s the best remedy for rosacea? The #1 success I’ve had is with Rosehip (Rosa mosqueta) oil.

Along with its benefits for dry skin, wrinkles, burns, scars, and stretch marks, Rosehip oil (particularly the ‘extra lycopene’ variety, pressed from both the seeds and skin) is remarkably effective for rosacea. It reduces redness, helps the skin to heal, and strengthens the capillaries. It’s even more effective when blended with anti-inflammatory and rejuvenative essential oils such as Helichrysum, German Chamomile, Yarrow, Lavender, and Cypress.

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