Turmeric – for Inflammation, Arthritis, Liver Support (oh, and Curry!)

Posted February 8, 2011 by admin

Turmeric is one of those amazing foods that does double duty, going from the kitchen to the medicine chest in one easy step.

As well as lending its unique flavor and telltale color to curries, Turmeric is simply one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories. It is especially helpful for arthritis. A recent (2006) study in ‘Arthritis & Rheumatism’ confirmed that Turmeric effectively reduced joint inflammation. Curcumin, one of the thousands of constituents in Turmeric, inhibits COX-2 activity. COX-2 is an enzyme that is associated with inflammation, and is often the target of prescription drugs for arthritis (many of these drugs have serious side effects).

Alongside its joint benefits, Turmeric has other “joint benefits” – it encourages better detoxification by the liver, supports digestion, and has powerful antioxidant properties. It has also been shown to help inhibit certain cancer metastases.

If you’re suffering from arthritis or have other problems with inflammation, consider adding more Turmeric to your diet, both in cooking and as a supplement.

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