Gum Health

Natural herbal mouthwash for healthier gums and fresher breath. 1 oz.

For cleaner, fresher smelling breath! Natural Peppermint & Chlorophyll deodorizes and refreshes. 1 oz spray.

Cleanses, supports fresher breath and healthy gums. Standardized 100 mg chlorophyll per mL. Alcohol-free. 2 oz.

Natural, all-purpose antiseptic for skin irritations, acne, fungal infections, oral health. 1 oz.

Natural antimicrobial action for sinus infections, colds & flu, Candida. 70% Carvacrol min. Wild Mediterranean. 1 oz.

Powerful immune system support and natural antimicrobial. Organic resin. 1 oz.

Supports mouth and gum health, soothes mild toothaches, promotes fresher breath. 1 oz.

Soothes toothache, helps eliminate parasites and Candida. Organic herb. 1 oz.

Soothes skin and scalp inflammation and psoriasis; promotes healthy mouth and gums. Organic herb. 1 oz.

Natural immune system tonic. Expectorant and antimicrobial support for coughs and respiratory infections. Organic herb. 1 oz.

High-potency Vitamin C 1000 mg with Rose Hips. 100 vegetarian tablets.