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Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)

Bioperine is found in the fruits produced by the black pepper plants. The southern region of India with rich soil and humid weather is the primary source of these pepper plants. This is also the place where the many uses for black pepper were first discovered.

The berries that are grown on the pepper plants are extremely delicate and they must be collected before they are fully mature.
This process of collecting the black pepper plants early allows them to ripen after they are harvested, and the sun will gently dry each of the berries. The end result will be ripe, mature pepper berries that can be hand sorted so that only the most perfect fruits are selected.

Historical Uses

For many centuries an extract of Black pepper has been utilized primarily as a health restorative. This practice is very common among those living in India. The people of India have long used black pepper as a spice for cooking and the BioPerine extract as a medicinal product.

This pepper extract has been used to cure many health conditions including GI upsets and digestive woes. It is also well respected as an energy boosting supplement.

Modern Uses for BioPerine

BioPerine is a patented form of Piperine. Piperine is the name of the raw, black pepper extract. When used properly BioPerine is able to increase the absorption of many natural supplements.
Thermogenesis is the scientific term for the cellular processes in the body that produce energy. It is this natural biologic process that helps individuals lose weight. Thermogenesis is also associated with GI absorption as well as with proper digestion. BioPerine has been shown to increase the thermogenic capabilities of the body and it is even listed as an effective Thermonutrient.

Many experts have likened the effect of BioPerine to that of a paddle wheel or a conveyor belt. The pepper extract boosts the body’s natural thermal energy mechanisms and as a result there is a greater requirement for essential vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. With the effects produced by BioPerine the body is able to absorb these supplements more readily.

To date the only herbal nutrient that has proven to increase the absorption of supplements and nutritionally healthy compounds has been BioPerine. There are numerous clinical trials and other scientific studies that show this product is both safe and beneficial for consumers.

Enhancing Abilities of BioPerine

This is an important distinction since there are many supplements that cannot be easily digested and absorbed when they are included in a daily health regimen. Even BioPerine is only truly useful when it is provided as a purified extract. Using raw pepper cannot produce the same healthy effects because the body systems have to break down the pepper in order to release the compounds contained in this spice.

Indeed, certain nutritional compounds are required to be taken in larger amounts yet the human body is unable to incorporate and maximize these healthy benefits. When BioPerine is added to the dietary regimen it substantially enhances the bioavailability of these compounds and supplements.

Cautions for Use

However users of BioPerine should not mistakenly assume that more of this product is better. You need to use this pepper extract as directed in order to achieve the healthiest effects. Too much of the extract will produce no higher levels of bioavailability and could even negate some of this supplement’s normal capabilities.

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