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Cayenne Pepper Fruit

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Cayenne Pepper Fruit (Capsicum Annum)


The Cayenne Pepper fruit is a capsicum that has resulted as a high cross breeding between perennial and annual shrubs of the tomato and the potato family. The main features of this species are dense stems that branch out extensively. Cayenne pepper fruit comes from red, hot chili peppers. It comes from the dried up pods of chili peppers and are used as a spice and for health purposes. The Cayenne pepper fruit thrives when grown in hot temperatures.

History and Origin

Cayenne Pepper Fruit gets its name from its supposed centre of origin-namely the Cayenne region. It is grown largely in India, Mexico and East Africa. It originated in South America and has been cultivated since pre-historic times. The cayenne pepper spread throughout the tropics and sub-tropics due to the Spanish and Portuguese.

Ancient Uses

Cayenne Pepper has been prized for millennia due to its immense healing properties. Folklore from around the world is proof of the fact that cayenne pepper treats baffling health problems. It is an old-time remedy for treating allergies, tonsillitis, kidney problems, indigestion, nose bleeding, psoriasis, night blindness and sore muscles. Cayenne Pepper Fruit stimulates proper blood circulation. During any disease the blood supply to the affected part reduces and the use of Cayenne Pepper will then help to accelerate the blood supply. It was also used to improve vision and memory. It has also been used in various cuisines as a spice.

Modern Uses

Apart from its culinary uses the Cayenne Pepper Fruit is used for a variety of other things too. It helps reduce weight by increasing the body’s metabolism and cures stomach ulcers. It eliminates plaque that is found in the artery walls and is therefore excellent for the heart and its entire network of veins. Cayenne Pepper Fruit helps to cure constipation by improving the peristaltic action of the intestines. The heat of the Cayenne Pepper Fruit actually helps to warm up the body; and is especially helpful in rebuilding flesh that has been damaged through the effects of frostbite. In addition, Cayenne Pepper Fruit is also great to consume to alleviate migraines and other types of [Headaches] as it starts taking effect almost immediately once it has been consumed. Cayenne Pepper Fruit can also prevent heart attacks as it helps to equalize a person’s blood pressure and supplies all the essential nutrients to the heart that are vital for its smooth functioning.

Side Effects

Due to the heat content in Cayenne Pepper Fruit, it may cause a burning sensation within a person’s body. Consuming it in excess amounts can cause stomach pain, acidity, vomiting or worsened ulcers. Certain people who are allergic to bananas and kiwis may also be allergic to Cayenne Peppers as well. People consuming antacids and aspirin should consult their doctor before consuming Cayenne Pepper Fruit as it can cause dangerous interactions and reactions. In its powdered form Cayenne Pepper Fruit can cause irritation to the mucus membranes and also produce a burning sensation around a person’s eyes and mouth. Children under the age of two should not consume Cayenne Pepper Fruit. There is no major side effect seen in pregnant women but consulting a doctor is always advisable.

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