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Cold Sore Prevention

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Cold Sore Prevention


Cold sores also referred to as fever blisters are blister-like or tiny sores that appear inside the mouth or even on the face. They can generally cause itching, burning sensation or pain before they dry up and crush over. They mostly come out inside the nostrils, cheeks, chin, lips, and less often on the palate or the gums.
The sores resulted from herpes simplex virus or HSV. The sores in the region of the mouth are commonly caused by the type 1 virus. Cold sores are less commonly caused by the type 2 virus which may be caused by having oral sexual intercourse with an individual with genital herpes.

There are several individuals who are frightened of having cold sore so they are seeking for ways in preventing cold sores. Cold sore prevention is excellently performed through not contracting the type 1 HSV virus.

Ways on How to Prevent Cold Sores

An individual should totally avoid making contact with another individual’s mouth or even the cup they have used in drinking. You must ensure that you do not share lipstick with another person. Through proper care and not making use of things that other individuals have used, although you don’t have any idea whether they have HSV or not, caution is an important thing that you should always keep in mind. There are several individuals who are having the type 1 HSV even without showing any sign and symptom. The virus stays even if there’s no outbreak of cold cores, but the transmittance of the virus is less probable that with the presence of cold sores.

Since it is a dating tradition that couples kiss on the mouth, the transfer of the virus has become nearly a normal part of people’s life. In fact, it is very normal that several individuals don’t even come to the realization that cold sore is cause by herpes virus. This has become very common that several individuals are not even thinking twice about this matter when they get to see a person having cold sores.

Another means of preventing cold sores is avoiding the use of the same wash rag or towel that has used by anyone unless the item has been thoroughly cleaned. Do hand washing whenever you make a contact with other individuals, particularly those that are having visible cold sore.

If you partner is suffering from cold sores, then you should avoid kissing your partner until the sores disappear. Through kissing a person with cold sore outbreak, you will be at a very high danger of having cold sores, and then you will be keeping the virus in your body. You will also be at high danger of transferring it on another person which can be a cause of spreading the virus even more.

If you already have the herpes virus, then taking prescription drugs for cold sores is the best thing to do. Preventing cold sores is not difficult to do if you take the medicine once you feel the symptoms of cold sore. Through taking the medicine immediately, you can aid yourself to prevent cold sores.

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