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Convalescent Recovery

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Convalescent Recovery


Convalescence is the period during which you recover from a surgery, severe illness or some serious injury. During this phase, the body needs time to adjust to the healthy sphere from a devastating traumatic experience. However, the time of recovery varies from person to person. It depends on the severity of the surgery or injury.


Some of the main causes and factors that affect this disease are listed below:

  • Old age is one of the most common causes of an injury of any part of the body. In fact, aged people take more time to recover after a surgery or other treatment.
  • Certain infections can also give rise to an ill condition of the body health. They delay the time of healing. For example, wounds and other skin problems are not easy to cure as they don’t get cleaned properly and cause a lot of discomfort. An exposure to cold and damp areas increases the risk of the development of an infection.
  • Too much activity can also contribute to a severe injury of any area of the body.
  • The feelings of stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression slow down the recovery process and increase your worries.


Some of the important signs and symptoms of an ill body condition are listed below:

  • There may arise the problems of weakness and fatigue
  • A decreased appetite or loss of appetite can be felt
  • Lots of pain may occur
  • A poor circulation may be observed
  • Flabby and weak muscles may arise
  • A poor concentration may occur
  • There may arise a short-term memory loss and the feelings of confusion
  • The problem of dizziness can be felt
  • A high fever attack can occur
  • There may arise some infections
  • You may suffer from a delayed wound healing
  • There may occur severe mental and emotional stress


There are some fine treatment options help the process of convalescence. Here is their description:

  • Medical care- Take your medications on time and attend the rehabilitation sessions. Consult your physician and follow the instructions.
  • Nutrition- It is important to keep your body well-nourished as it helps in recovering fast from any illness. Some of the main foods that you can try are fruits, steamed vegetables, soups, juices, yogurt and herbal teas.
  • Physical therapy or physiotherapy- This therapy helps the patient to re-build strength, increase flexibility and gain endurance.
  • Acupressure- It involves pressing certain points on your body that helps in recovering easily. This therapy gives a high hand in improving the circulation of fluids like blood, aids in nerve function and decreases the level of stress.

Art Therapy- In this therapy, the patient is treated by the use of release of expressions via some art work. It helps in relaxing the mind and calming the blue and stressful moods.

  • Aromatherapy Massage- Aromatherapy includes the massaging of the various body parts that helps in treating the feelings of stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Music therapy- Music therapy helps to soothe your distressed senses and calm down the thoughts of worry and depression. It heals the mind and helps to overcome the psychological issues.


There are some fine lifestyle changes that help to heal any kind of ill body condition. Here is their description:

  • Eat a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Avoid the use of processed and junk foods.
  • Do not drink soda beverages and alcohol.
  • You should do some deep breathing exercises to get rid from stress and anxiety.
  • Interact with family and friends to release tension.
  • Now, if you find any such problem relating to the above discussed symptoms, then do consult a good medical expert. Its essential for a better health in future.

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