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Detoxification for Better Health


Detoxification is a process of removing the body of toxic substances that causes illness, weakness, health problems and even dependence. It is often correlated to withdrawal from addictive substances like illegal drugs, nicotine, alcohol and even caffeine to induce the body to return to its normal homeostatic state.

Detoxification is also related to using antidotes, techniques to purify the body systems like dialysis and chelation therapy in conventional medicine. However, in modern times, detoxification or simply detox is more on resting, cleansing and using natural remedies to rejuvenate the body.

The Detoxification Process

The process of detoxification is basically cleaning the blood. It is done through removing all toxic substances, impurities and chemicals in blood in the liver where everything that we take in like food, beverages and medicines end up. Think of the liver as a huge net that removes all the harmful substances that can potentially harm the body, clearing this “net” is necessary to make it function more efficiently than ever before. Aside from the liver, detox also cleanses the kidneys, lungs, lymph glands, the skin and the gastrointestinal system as well.

Benefits of Detoxification

Aside from cleaning the blood from impurities and the many systems of the body, detoxification also makes the organs rest. It also promotes proper waste elimination through the kidneys, large intestines and the skin. As detox cleans the blood, blood cells can better bring oxygen to the different body parts improving overall blood circulation, nutrient and oxygen delivery and tissue health. With a healthy and clean intestines; food is better digested and nutrients from food is better absorbed. Calories are also burned faster that can help in weight loss.

Starting Detoxification

As with any technique, the body needs to undergo preparation for detoxification. Stop smoking and taking alcohol. Avoid coffee, refined sugars and fatty foods for a day or two. Along with dietary changes, reduce the use of chemical based personal care products and cleaning products for the home.

Start a technique to reduce stress like yoga or meditation to fully remove all negative thoughts, stress and anxiety. Only through achieving a complete reduction of any obstacles that hinder you from health can you start detoxification.

A Simple Detoxification Plan

If you look up detoxification in the web, you will be flooded with ideas that you can do. Detox techniques depends on your health and also your availability to complete a detox program. As you search for the ideal one, you may start with a seven day juice diet strategy which can become the basis of your detox program. Drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juice plus drinking water can be an efficient way to reduce toxins.

Fresh fruits and vegetable have fiber that can sweep off toxins, chemicals and harmful organism from the intestines. Water hydrates and facilitates flushing of these toxins. Other practices make use of drinking only water in a day each week to remove toxins. Aide form these techniques, you may also take cleansing supplements which also contains a significant amount of fiber and minerals that can detoxify the intestines, liver and skin.

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