Effects of Anxiety On Health

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Effects of Anxiety On Health


Anxiety is described as worry or an undetermined fear. It is a psychological state wherein a person may have exaggerated worry about everyday life. This condition may affect how a person generally thinks and if left untreated, can lead to serious physiologic problems.

Anxiety can affect a person’s daily activities, work, school, social interactions and even personal relationships. There may be many causes of anxiety but all require immediate treatment to prevent serious complications that can devastate a person’s life.

Causes of anxiety

There are a variety of causes of anxiety but the exact cause of this psychological condition is unknown. There are some factors however that can contribute to the development of anxiety:

  • Genetics – anxiety can be passed on in families. Anxious parents may also raise children with anxiety problems as well.
  • Environment – stressful events and traumatic life-changing events may also cause anxiety to do almost everything in the future. A death, a failed relationship, an abusive relationship, a change in environment like transferring homes or schools and many other events can cause anxiety.
  • Substances – withdrawal from substances like psychoactive drugs, alcohol and caffeine can all lead to a certain amount of anxiety. Some medications and substances on the other hand can contribute to worsening an anxiety attack.

Effects of Anxiety in Health

Anxiety can tremendously affect a person’s life. An anxious person may develop these conditions:

  • Physical effects – there is a loss of appetite causing malnutrition although some may gain weight due to binge eating causing obesity. Anxiety causes skin problems like eczema breakouts, pimples, acne, flare-ups of psoriasis and other allergies. Anxiety may also result to digestive problems like ulcer, hyperacidity, abdominal pains and constipation. A person who is anxious may have elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate and respiration, may experience weakness, pains, trembling, vision problems and many other physiologic conditions.
  • Psychological effects – a person with anxiety may become depressed, may have poor judgment, poor concentration, may become irritable and in severe cases may have thoughts of suicide, hallucinations and other psychiatric conditions.
  • Emotional effects – a person who is suffering from anxiety may have difficulty in relating to friends and family. He may also become a recluse and refuse to relate to other people. He may be unable to control his emotions, may cry over imagined fears and may also think about worries about personal relationships over and over again.

Treatments of Anxiety

Anxiety is treated using a combination of psychiatric help and guidance, medication and support from family and friends. A person who has anxiety problems should seek medical help at once. Medications called anti anxiety drugs may be given to control anxiety symptoms. Therapy through a psychiatrist is necessary along with joining support groups to manage and control anxiety.
The support of family and friends during this difficult time is necessary. A person with anxiety must never be left out; talk, comfort and advice if necessary. Encourage him to seek treatment at once.

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