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Glycol Distearate

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Glycol Distearate


Glycol distearate is seen as a cream colored wax in room temperature. This chemical, together with its counter parts glycol stearate and glycol stearate SE, are used as a main ingredient in many different types of personal skin care products as well as in a variety of make-up and nail care products.
Regulating bodies such as the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel have approved the use of glycol distearate along with its counterparts in the cosmetic industry as well as in the personal care products industry.

History and Origin

Glycol distearate is derived from either animal or vegetable sources namely soy bean oil and canola oil. Apart from deriving it from natural sources, it may also be produced synthetically through processing stearic acid which is a fatty acid that is found to occur naturally in nature.

Ancient Uses

During ancient times, the use of glycol distearate was unheard of and the most common natural ingredients that were used for cleansing the body was natural oils and extracts from herbal plants. Herbal remedies were also used to treat skin conditions as well.

Modern Uses

During today’s modern times, glycol distearate and its counterparts are all used for personal skin care and hair care. It is a main ingredient in soaps because of its high foaming capacity. It is also able to stabilize emulsions making it great for both liquid soaps and hand sanitizers.

Because of glycol distearate’s skin conditioning properties, it is considered to be an active ingredient in skin lotions and moisturizers. Products made with this chemical are considered safe for any type of skin. It may also be used even for people with extra sensitive skin. It is also used as an ingredient for nail care and foot care products such as those found in spas and skin care treatment centers.

Glycol distearate along with its counterparts may also be used in cosmetic products such as concealers, blush, toners, eye makeup and face makeup. Cosmetic products made from these chemicals are considered non irritating plus have been approved by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel. With the latest developments on the safety of glycol distearate and its counterparts, it will soon be possible for many other skin care products and personal products to be made with these active ingredients.

Side Effects

Glycol distearate is considered to be safe to use as an ingredient for personal skin and hair care products. There may be a small number of people who may experience slight irritation of the skin due to the use of products with glycol distearate, therefore it is important to report or consult with your doctor regarding any side effects at all.
People with extra sensitive skin must consult a dermatologist regarding a better alternative for skin and hair care products with glycol distearate. Although considered safe to use, products with this chemical must be carefully considered for people with breaks and cuts on skin. Skin that is inflamed or irritated must be consulted with a dermatologist for the ideal treatment as well as the right skin care product to use. Never self medicate when it comes to skin irritation or skin conditions, always consult a medical professional.

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