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Hair Loss

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Hair Loss


Hair loss happens to anyone regardless of age and gender during their lifetime. This is only natural and does not necessarily cause concern, as sometimes you can lose about a hundred or more hairs in a single day. However, there are some cases that hair loss has become excessive; this will definitely cause some concern because it is not normal.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are a lot of elements involved that can cause excessive hair loss such as a sudden medical condition, Stress, or genetics, to name a few, as these certain elements can cause massive amounts of hair loss in a single time, or sometimes it can happen gradually. Hormones can play a big role with hair loss, especially for women due to their thyroid gland. If the thyroid gland that produces hormones is either under worked or over worked, this certainly can cause issues with hair loss among women. Since a woman’s body is very different from that of a man, hair loss can happen unexpectedly such as during pregnancy, as during this time, women tend to produce certain high levels of hormones.

Certain medications can also cause excessive hair loss such as treatments for cancer or chemotherapy and blood thinners. Afflictions of certain diseases can likewise trigger hair loss, sometimes gradually or even rapidly. But the most often cause of hair loss is due to genetics, as heredity plays a major role in hair loss. If baldness runs in your family, chances are that you can have it too. Whether it comes from your great grand parents or your parents, hair loss will surely manifest itself either in you or in your siblings. Sometimes in some worse cases, hair loss happens even at an early age.

The use of strong hair products can also sometimes cause hair loss due to damages to the hair follicles, as well as improper hair care. Although with the latter, a lot of people dispute this fact, but it certainly can happen, especially for people who love to wear pigtails and cornrows. Hair loss can happen to these people since sporting a hairstyle like this mean that the hair needs to be pulled together tightly. As the tighter the hair is pulled, the more scarring that can happen, resulting to damages on the scalp that leads to hair loss.

Another popular term for hair loss among men is called baldness, as the most often cause of hair loss or baldness in men is Male Pattern Baldness. The most common signs of male pattern baldness in men is a receding hairline and balding at the back part of the head. Male pattern baldness is a typical example of hair loss due to genetics.

Treatment Options

The good news about hair loss is that it can be treated, as sometimes changing your work habit, lifestyle or your diet can stop the hair loss. There are likewise medicines and certain medical procedures, although costly, that can treat and prevent hair loss. With the constant improvement in the field of medicine, treatment for hair loss is now relatively easy. The use of herbal supplements and special shampoos and conditioners have also been proven to help alleviate most hair loss issues.

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