Health Benefits of Garlic

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Health Benefits of Garlic

Are you someone who love working in the kitchen? If so, then you might be very much familiar with the use of garlic. Garlic’s main role in the kitchen is to add spice in every meal that someone prepares. The flavor that it adds in every course is undeniably favorable to someone’s taste buds. But did you know that garlic is not only responsible in adding some flavor to every food? But it can also be use as medicine to some diseases. First ailment that it can cure is lowering someone’s high blood pressure. Heart diseases, colds, and cancer are some of the things that it can eliminate, if not totally cure at least it helps to weaken the cells that strengthen these diseases.

Garlic has a high level of antioxidants that help kill the cells that can cause damage to some internal body parts and DNA. Because of this, the formation of cancerous cells in our body becomes impossible, if, of course, we have enough supply of antioxidants in our body.

Garlic also has a huge effect in slowing down the hardening of arteries. Once your arteries become hard, you become prone to heart attack and stroke. So, it will really help you if you will take some grams of garlic every day.

It also neutralizes our blood. Our blood becomes thicker once you experience high blood pressure because of the excessive cholesterol intake, and one main function of garlic is to make our blood become thinner and stabilize it to its normal pressure.
It also helps to cure some common cold. The main reason for this is the antioxidant that it possesses. It directly eliminates those bacteria that cause the formation of colds.

Intake of raw garlic or using it in your every meal as seasoning can reduce the possibility of dealing with cancer in the future. Some of the most common cancers that this garlic can cure or prevent are colon cancer and stomach cancer.

In some places, garlic is used to disinfect external wounds. This is because they believe that the strong hotness of garlic can kill the bacteria that could enter wounds. How do they use it? They slice the garlic after peeling it off, and then they rub it to the wound or infected area.

Another thing that you should know about garlic is it creates a not so good body odor. Garlic has a gas content that produces sweat that is secreted by skins’ pores. Bad breath is another problem that you might encounter by eating too much garlic.

Garlic is easy to find. You can buy it in your favorite supermarket or grocery store. You can actually choose between fresh garlic head, already peeled off garlic gloves, or you can even choose the powdered garlic.

If you think that you need garlic to cure some ailments, you can try those garlic supplements which you can buy in drug store. Just make sure that you will only drink the prescribed dosage.

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