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Hops Strobiles

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Hops Strobiles


Hops Strobiles (Humulus lupulus) is a perennial plant which is native to Britain. It can be found anywhere growing on hedges and meadows. It may look like a vine with many flexible stems that twists and turns in a clockwise direction. The plant may grow up to 22 feet in height. Hops Strobiles is also quite prickly and very strong with leaves that are arranged one after the other on its stem. The leaves are round, yellow green in color with yellow flowers that have pretty translucent glands. These glands may appear like small yellow grains which contains 10% Lupulin; the medicinal part of the Hops Strobiles. This plant can also be found in the Western United States, England, Asia, New Zealand, Germany and Australia.

Lupulin is acquired through the grainy powder that is on the translucent parts of the flower. Hops Strobiles is famous for Lupulin which is effective in the treatment of Anxiety, Insomnia and as a mild sedative. It may also be used to treat indigestion, infections of the digestive tract, ulcers and Headaches.

History and Origin

The Hops Strobiles or the common hop is native to Britain and has been used as an ingredient in beer making. It gives the bitter taste that is so evident in most popular alcoholic beverages and may also provide some preservative qualities as well.
The name Humulus comes from the Middle Ages and is derived from the Slavic word chmele or hops or it may have been from the old Germanic word Humel which means fruit bearing. Aside from being an ingredient in beer, the Hops Strobiles was used by Arab physicians as a medication for fever and for purifying the blood which was thought to be the ideal methods to “cleanse” the body from impurities.

Ancient Uses

During the ancient times, Hops Strobiles was used as a drink that purifies the blood and relieves restlessness. It was believed that the hop cleanses impure blood to treat impetigo, mange, leprosy and melancholy. Water mixed with Hops Strobiles extracts treats congestion of the spleen that causes stabbing pains.
Many ancient physicians also believed that Hops Strobiles is a diuretic that can be used to treat problems of the urinary system. Dried female Hops Strobiles is used for insomnia and stress.

Modern Uses

In modern times, Hops Strobiles is still highly regarded as a cure for anxiety and sleeplessness. It has been further studied for use as an anti viral and anti microbial. Humulus lupulus contains humulone and lupulone which has high anti bacterial properties.
Numerous studies have shown that Hops Strobiles contains phyto estrogen properties that are quite similar to the female hormone estrogen. It is incorporated with other herbs in products that are formulated for herbal breast enlargement.

When drank as a tea, Hops Strobiles can be used to treat cramps, swelling and other uterine disorders. Extracts of Humulus lupulus flowers are used for leprosy, PTB and bacterial dysentery.

Side Effects

Hops Strobiles is not recommended for treatment of anxiety in children. Patients who are taking medications for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia must avoid using Hops Strobiles.
Persons using cardiac medications must be cautioned with the use of Hops Strobiles since it may aggravate their condition further because of its diuretic effect.

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