Hyperactivity in Adults

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Hyperactivity in Adults


For any adult that seems to be disorganized, late, forgetful and distracted, and engulfed with so much responsibilities, you may contain adult ADHD/ADD. It is not only children that are affected by ADHD or ADD but also adults. There are reports that they have been affected by hyperactivity in adults. The attention deficit disorder or the ADD affects numerous adults and it’s a frustrating symptom that can hinder everything in your career and relationships. The first step to understand any challenges is to identify one’s symptoms and learn about the effects and signs seen in adults. Once the difficulties been understood, then you can definitely learn to balance weak areas as well as taking advantage of the self hidden talents and strengths.

ADD/ADHD Adults Symptoms

With ADD or hyperactivity in adults, it appears that the symptoms are different compared to the symptoms in children. The symptoms in adults are unique in every individual. There are given categories of an adult ADHD or ADD. This will help you identify certain areas where you think you would be experiencing difficulty. If you discover your innermost problematic symptoms then you can now begin to work with the strategies of dealing with them.

Category One: Trouble Staying Focused and Concentrating

This symptom is the most common one in adult ADHD or ADD. They are experiencing difficulty in concentrating and staying focused on their daily task. In this category, the symptoms are sometimes overlooked since they are less disruptive rather than impulsive to the hyperactivity symptoms of ADD or ADHD. The concentration and inattentiveness symptom difficulties include :

  • Intense distractibility
  • Difficulty in paying attention or focus
  • Struggling in completing certain tasks
  • An overlook details, which leads to incomplete work or errors.

Category Two: Hyperfocus

Hyperfocus is also called paradoxical symptom. Hyperfocus is known as a coping distraction mechanism. It’s considered an asset when it is channeled in productive activities that might lead to relationship and work problems if it is neglected.

Category Three: Forgetfulness and Disorganization

If you are one of the affected adult, your life seems to be frenzied and unmanageable. Staying organized would give you extreme difficulty and challenge. Typical symptoms of this category:

  • Persistent tardiness
  • Difficulty in starting and concluding projects
  • Repeatedly forgetting commitments, deadlines and appointments
  • Tendency to suspend
  • Misplacing or losing things constantly
  • Insufficient organizational skills

Category Four: Impulsivity

This category lets adults to suffer from trouble inhibiting one’s comments, responses and behaviors. Having this symptom might react even without considering certain consequences and being patient is too difficult for them. Anyone might struggle in controlling their impulses if they:

  • Interrupt others frequently or even talking with them
  • Having meager self-control
  • Speaking rude thoughts without even thinking
  • Having addictive inclination
  • Act spontaneously or recklessly regardless of consequences
  • Having difficulty in behaving or sitting still while on a meeting

Category Five: Emotional Difficulties

Many of the ADD or ADHD adults may find themselves uneasy to manage one’s feelings mostly when it comes to their frustration or anger. Here are the ordinary symptoms:

  • Easily stressed out and fluttered
  • Insecurity and low confidence
  • Short temper
  • Trouble to remain motivated
  • Mood swings as well as bad temper
  • Underachievement awareness
  • Doesn’t deal that well with anger and frustration

Category Six: Restlessness or Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity in adults having ADHD or ADD looks similar with the ADD or ADHD in children. Adults with ADD or ADHD, contains hyperactivity symptoms that is becoming internal and delicate as they are growing older. Here are the symptoms:

  • Racing ideas and thoughts
  • Simply getting bored
  • Feeling of agitation or inner restlessness
  • Desire for excitement
  • Extremely talking
  • Stable fidgeting

If one’s ADHD/ADD and hyperactivity in adults is untreated, then it could cause problems in every part of one’s life. Thus, the broad reaching effects of the ADHD or the ADD lead to frustration, disappointment, hopelessness, embarrassment and the loss of the confidence.

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