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L-cysteine is considered the most important sulfur-containing amino acid and is found in high amounts in hair and nails. It is not considered an essential amino acid as the body is able to manufacture it from the dietary intake of other amino acid-containing foods (proteins).

What is L-Cysteine Used For?

L-cysteine helps facilitate the health of the stomach lining and maintain the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract lining.

How Does It Work?

L-cysteine contains sulfur which is used by the body in many biochemical processes. It is an important component of glutathione, the body's "master antioxidant," and aids the body in eliminating toxins while protecting cells from free-radical damage.

Side Effects

There is still much research being done on the use, benefits and side effects from supplemental use of L-cysteine. People who suffer from diabetes are advised to not supplement with L-cysteine without medical supervision as it may interfere with insulin production. It may also cause complications with people with kidney disorders.Always check with your doctor before using any natural supplement.

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