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Lomatium Root

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Lomatium Root

The botanical name for Lomatium is Lomatium dissectum and is also known by a few other names such as Biscuit Root, Pungent Desert Parsley and Consumption plant. The main purpose for the usage of Fresh Lomatium Root is as an herbal medicine used mainly for its antiviral properties. It is also known as Indian Consumption Plant. The Plant usually grows in clear water areas and is an endangered species in some of the US states. It is the most reputed herb for having immense antiviral effects and medicinal values. Some studies suggest that it had its antiviral effects due to the presence of tetronic acids and a glucoside of luteolin.

History of the Lomatium Root

The name Lomatium is referred from Lomatium dissectum, which is one of the many varieties of species that originate from within the Lomatium genus. This herbal plant grows in the native parts of western North America. Fresh Lomatium Root is a member of the Apiaceae family and prefers the wild for its growth. It is found in the rocky soil and can reach up to the height of three feet once it has fully grown. Lomatium plants are generally found throughout Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

Ancient Uses of the Lomatium Root

The fresh Lomatium Root has been traditionally used for the purpose of treating respiratory diseases and urinary track infections. It has tremendous anti viral and anti bacterial properties that is useful for the treatment of different kinds of infections and viral disorders. This special herb was long used by some of the North American Indian tribes as a useful and powerful antibiotic herb. The extracts of fresh Lomatium Root when used in the form of tinctures containing the resin have proved to be a great medicine against a whole body rash.

Modern Uses of the Lomatium Root

The current and most useful usage of the Fresh Lomatium Root extract is for its antiviral properties in the treatment of Colds, flu, cough and other respiratory tract infections. Recent researches also prove that the herb has immense immunity boosting properties and will actually help a person’s own immune system by reducing any inflammation within the body. Some lab tests have proved that the herb can fight a huge variety of bacteria as well as fungi. In addition, Lomatium Root also has properties that can make the blood become more alkaline, hence it is very beneficial for people that are suffering from acidic blood disorders. Due to its anti inflammatory properties, Lomatium Root is also great for fighting off various infections, such as viral infections and bacterial attacks, as well as other blood related problems that are commonly experienced.

Side Effects of the Lomatium Root

The usage of fresh Lomatium Root may cause nausea in some people who have rather sensitive stomachs; However, research indicates that this may simply be due to the Lomatium Root’s immunity boosting properties. Unfortunately, no tests have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of Lomatium Root with women that are pregnant or breast feeding, so such women should avoid consuming Lomatium Root unless instructed to do so by their herbalist or naturopathic doctor. Otherwise the usage of fresh Lomatium Root has been quite beneficial and no specific side effects have been noticed. Overdosing on Lomatium Root can lead to skin rash, nausea and vomiting in some cases.

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